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Biggs & Co.

This is an appreciation of Kim Biggs and Alli Truch two very talented designers and art directors that I love.  I have worked with them both for many years at some of the major records labels and now as the designers of everything Eye Forward.  Please check out their website and their blog!

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Jon Hamm shot by Sam Jones

Happy Friday! Yesterday was the Le Book Connections

show here in Los Angeles so before I headed indoors for the whole day and evening I went for a hike early in the morning with my pal ( and producer extraordinaire ) Heather Levine in Griffith Park.  What a beautiful morning after the the rains early in the week. Heather took this picture from the top with her I Phone.  Have a great weekend!


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Perry Ogden for BHLDN

Perry just did two shoots for the new on line store BHLDN.  If you have not checked BHLDN out it is a great site from the ANTHROPOLGIE people and they sell clothes and accessories for brides but with a beautiful sensibility consistent with the great taste or ANTHROPOLGIE and for the woman looking for something unique and vintage inspired for her wedding look!

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Christopher and Frank

Christopher Wray-McCann was working on a project for Spencer Hart the Saville tailor from London in Palm Springs the week before the last.  He got to shoot for a couple of days at Frank Sinatra’s former house in the Twin Palms area of Palm Springs.  He sent me this image which is now my desktop image here at the office and I can look at in contrast to the rain outside my window – January in Los Angeles!  And it is also fun to look at as I am getting excited about the Palm Springs Modernism Show and week in February – take a look at the list of events on the link below!

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The Wayfarers Chapel designed by Lloyd Wright

A week ago Sunday I went for a drive to Palos Verdes with my friends Jack and Alisa to go for a walk on the beach and to see this famous building.  The Wayfarers Chapel was built in 1951 and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son Lloyd Wright.  It is one of the the most famous examples of what is called ” organic ” architecture.  I have wanted to visit this building since I moved to California and it was one of the most unique churches that I have ever seen.   It does not disappoint and neither does this beautiful coast line. Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio were married here and some people say that the grounds around the church are haunted but we did not feel anything just a feeling of peace and wonder at this building and setting.  If you are ever near there go and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this inspirational and spiritual space and building.

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Frank Ockenfels 3 shoots Justified for FX Network

George and Sam

My photographer Sam Jones has worked a lot and I mean a lot with George Clooney.  He is just the nicest guy and Sam and he always have a lot of fun on the shoots and he is just great to work with.  Sam recently shot George with Viola Davis for an Oscar Contendors issue of Entertainment Weekly and on the shoot I said to Sam after seeing the above picture on the terminal – I think that is one of the best pictures you have ever taken of George!   This is a pretty bold statement given what a great photographer Sam is and what a great subject George is but I have to say I stand by statement.  Plus it was just so much fun this shot as George just kept throwing out all these old Hollywood one liners to the guys playing the paparazzi’s and we were all in hysterics!  Congrats George on your Golden Globe!

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Eve Arnold – RIP

Eve Arnold was one of my favorite photographers.  She passed away January 4th of this year at 99 years old.  I read with interest the various obituaries and stories about her work and life.  What an amazing life.  I also spent some time looking at her images both in books I have and on the internet and on Magnum’s site.  Then a friend sent me this piece from the NY Times in 2002 and I read it and wanted to share it here as it is wonderful and really captures her personality as well as referencing her place in the history of celebrity photography.





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Showing now in Los Angeles – Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow –

My friend Sophie Fiennes documentary about the artist Anselm Kieffer and his home in Barjac France has just opened in Los Angeles and is now playing at Laemmie Pasadena and Santa Monica.  Los Angeles should be thrilled that it is now playing here so please support documentary filmmaking and this film and go see it.  It was originally shown out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.   You can see two written pieces about the film from the NY Times and The NY Review of Books through the links below.  There is also a trailer for the film on the film’s official website!  Sophie’s two most well known documentaries are on a Pentecostal church in South Los Angeles (“Hoover Street Revival,” 2002) and the philosopher Slavoj Zizek (“The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema,” 2006).

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