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Spencer Hart back in Los Angeles

Today is the Day – The Levitated Mass Begins It’s Journey!!

It’s the moment you (and we) have been waiting for!

I am going to track it down along the way!

On Tuesday, February 28, the 340-ton granite megalith that is to be part of Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass will begin its journey from a quarry in Riverside County to LACMA.

Some quick facts about the transport:
105 miles separate the boulder’s current location and LACMA
The journey will take eleven nights (travel will occur only at night—and only at 8 mph); it will arrive to LACMA in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 10
The route consists of 4 counties, 22 cities, and zero freeways
A special transporter with 196 robotic axles was built to disperse the boulder’s weight and safely carry it on its journey
The boulder’s ultimate destination is a 456-foot-long concrete slot behind the Resnick Pavilion, where it will complete Michael Heizer’s sculpture, Levitated Mass
For daily updates on the transportation, a map of the route, and more information about Levitated Mass, click here. We will also be tracking the transport on Facebook, Twitter, and Unframed.

We also want to hear from you! Is the boulder rolling through your neighborhood? Take a picture and tag us on Facebook or Twitter (hashtag: #LevitatedMass). If you have additional questions about the transport or the artwork itself, you can also email us at

We are excited to announce that the boulder is finally on the move, and we invite you to be a part of its historic journey. The official opening for Levitated Mass is tentatively set for late spring/early summer 2012. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Transportation was made possible by Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.

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The Mad Men Campaign is out!!

Here it is! Finally! The NY Times has a piece today interviewing Matthew Weiner, the shows creator about the campaign. Check it out below! The art direction is by our friend Brad Hochberg at The Refinery Creative. More images will be released that Frank shot when the publicity images start to go into circulation and there are some great ones this season and I can hardly wait for the March 25th premiere!

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Ryan Adams at The Walt Disney Hall 2/17/2012 AMAZING!

Sam Jones Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

Sam did two great shoots for the new March 2012 issue.  Here is the first one I will show you of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogan and the director Jonathan Levine from the movie 50 / 50.  Such a fun picture!

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Ryan Berkley makes me crazy!

I went to the Fresh Start Auction the weekend before last at the Santa Monica Airport and got there too late to buy any of Ryan Berkley’s work but I saw it and I fell in love. We found out that night that he sells on Etsy and I am going start me a collection – so good! As an animal lovers and cat lover in particular I just think these are the greatest and so affordable. I love Etsy and all the people’s work who gets seen, recognized and sold through this site. Going on there can be a bit of a black hole and hard to come back out of but so good! Turns out Ryan has a great blog too and is from Portland – of course – sorry Ryan – so I am going deep into that hole next!

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WEEGEE show at MOCA Grand

I blogged about this show a few months back when it was announced.  I finally went to see it this weekend and it is GREAT!   First of all I had no idea how famous Weegee ( Arthur Fellig was his real name – he earned his nickname as he had a habit of arriving at scenes only minutes after crimes, fires or other emergencies were reported to authorities )  was in his own time and what the success of his books Naked City and Naked Hollywood had at the time of publication. This is the first show ever dedicated to all the work he created while living in California.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1947 and in addition to being a photographer also worked as an actor and as consultant on films.  The exhibition covers all of that as well as some of the films he made. The show is also interesting because you can see how many photographers he influenced and what an original he was as a photographer and as a person. It also gives us a fascinating look into what Los Angeles in the 50’s and 60’s. There are many of the well known parody distortions of many of Hollywood’s most famous actors.  I was also interested to see that a lot of the prints in the show came from the Matthew Marks Gallery in NY – they have just opened a new gallery here in Los Angeles which I will be visiting soon.

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Once – The Musical on Broadway – Frank Ockenfels 3

I saw the Irish film Once when it came out in 2006 and fell in love with the music and then with the music of Swell Season – which is Glen Hansard (from the Irish band, The Frames) and Marketa Irglova who starred in the film.  The movie became an off Broadway musical and is now moving to Broadway with previews beginning February 28th and it opens March 18th.  Frank was asked to shoot all the advertising and publicity images for a campaign with our good friends at SPOTCO in NY.  It was a great shoot and I wish I had been there – take a look at this great film made during the shoot and the website for the show also has more of Frank’s wonderful images!

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If money were no object this would hang in my living room……

Also part of the Under the Big Black Sun exhibition at MOCA – see previous blog…..sigh…..

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Yesterday I saw this amazing and large show and I really enjoyed it.  Here is a description from the MOCA website.

Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1974–1981

Celebrating California as a turbulent, often anarchic center for artistic freedom and experimentation during the 1970s, this major survey exhibition examines the rise of pluralistic art practices across the state. The years 1974 and 1981 bracket a tumultuous, transitional span in United States history, beginning with Richard Nixon’s resignation and ending with Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. The exhibition borrows its title from the 1982 album by the Los Angeles–based punk band X to suggest that, during this period, the California Dream and the hippie optimism of the late 1960s had been eclipsed by a sense of disillusionment during the post-Watergate, post-Vietnam era.

Some of the highlights for me were the Ed Ruscha paintings, the Chris Burden piece;  The Reason for the Neutron Bomb, 1979 – pictured partially above, the John Divola images of Zuma Beach from the 1970’s which are amazing  ( and you can see the whole series on his website which I found today ) and I loved all the images and footage of the Punk scene in LA in the 1970’s.  The whole show is great and well worth a visit.

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