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Spiderman – Spiderman – Does whatever a Spider Can…..Frank Ockenfels 3

The Nomad Hotel in NY

I recently stayed at the Nomad Hotel in NYC and loved it.  The rooms are very comfortable, the staff great and the restaurant is amazing.  I had to be convinced to try a new hotel ( thanks Joanne at Pro Travel and Laura my assistant ) and I am so glad I did.  I would highly recommend this hotel.  I will be staying there again!

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The FX Quartet! Frank Ockenfels 3

We have a wonderful client the FX Network.  They not only produce amazing television they have a commitment to great advertising and Frank and I are so honored and thrilled to work with them.  Under the watchful and ever present eye of Stephanie Gibbons and the creative direction of Todd Heughens Frank had the privilege of working on four – yes, four of this season’s campaigns.  We want to thank you FX for being such a great client and for going the distance each time to create amazing images sometimes against great odds!!

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On location in Hawaii – amazing what you can buy in one store – thanks….Christopher!

Adam Yauch RIP – Billboard at Santa Monica Blvd. & Vine in Los Angeles today….

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Becky Lewis – I Phone Art – Sunset Marquis Hotel – LA

I feel happy when I look at this.  My friend Becky is a very good artist…….

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – Frank Ockenfels 3

This action fantasy horror film is based on the 2010 novel of the same name and it comes out this Friday June 22nd in the theaters.  The film was directed and co produced by Timur Bekmambetov, along with Tim Burton.  The novel’s author, Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the adapted screenplay.  The 16th President of the United States,  Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as having a secret identity as a vampire hunter!  I saw the trailer and it looks WILD!



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I LOVE Ryan Berkley!

Thank you JPS and MP for gifting me ” The Wonder Kittens ” – I am so jealous that you went to Ryan’s studio in Portlandia in person – thanks also for my autographed card – I am officially a groupie!

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Three Boys From Pasadena – Exhibition at Art Center College of Design

Last night I went to the opening of this new exhibition at the Williamson Gallery at the Art Center in Pasadena and I also saw the last half of the panel discussion with the the three photographers, Mark Arbeit, George Holz and Just Loomis.  This show was curated by June Newton and is a tribute to Helmut Newton.  This show was originally at The Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin in 2009 and has since traveled to Paris and New York.  Many people including myself said that it had to come to Art Center to complete a circle where it began decades ago.  Mark, George and Just all went to Art Center and graduated in 1980 and also all assisted Helmut Newton both on his annual winter visits to Los Angeles and at other times over the years.  Helmut and his wife June were their mentors and good friends. After Helmut’s death June conceived of a tribute exhibition for Helmut by showcasing his influence on their “three boys.” In her words: “They were the only three assistants who worked with him and became photographers in their own right. Each had a unique relationship with Helmut. They’ve become his offspring – each with his own voice. It was a special time in their lives, and I was the witness.”

This show is fantastic on so many levels.  First of all each photographers work in it’s own right is wonderful ( amazing prints! ) and their continued support of each other as friends and artists since school and through their careers is inspirational.  Then all of the ephemera from their assisting work with Helmut and the journals, film footage and polaroids is an amazing record of a thirty year friendship and is fascinating and again inspiring.  The installation ( George told me it took a week ) is exceptional and this is a world class exhibition.  There is also a book originally published in France which is available. I would highly recommend this show to everyone – it was so moving and interesting to see the influence of Helmut and June’s work on their work and the incredible bond that they all shared and continue to share with each other and June.

The show is on till August 26th, 2012 and you can visit Tuesday to Sunday 12PM – 5 PM.

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Sam Jones – Rolling Stone – John Mayer