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Day One Paris Photo….what an amazing fair!

This fair is so well done and set up and the setting is fantastic as well as the galleries and exhibitors, the booksellers, the photography, the food trucks, the signage – the whole thing! Please go and support the fair and it’s success in Los Angeles. It is well worth the price of admission! All the details on the website here

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Patrik Giardino – Cheryl Burke – We LOVE Dancing with the Stars!

PARIS Photo in LA starts today on preview and to the public Friday!

I am so excited about Paris Photo this weekend in Los Angeles at Paramount Studios. Paris Photo in Paris is amazing so I am really looking forward to their first show in the USA, and at such an amazing and historical location. There are over 70 dealers exhibiting and wonderful talks by artists and events all weekend. Check it all out, get details, see all the programs and buy tickets here And from the Journal de La Photographie a series of articles here

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Sam Jones – Off Camera launches today!!! So exciting!


New multi-channel platform features long-form conversations with diverse talent

Los Angeles – Sam Jones’ career as a celebrity photographer and award-winning film and music video director has put him in the room with some of the most captivating and creative people of our time. His work has led him to fascinating conversations between takes, which birthed his new project, Off Camera. This new platform, which is simultaneously a documentary/magazine/podcast, features in-depth conversations with some of today’s most interesting actors, directors, artists, musicians, and athletes – anyone whose creative process inspires him.

“I’ve always loved magazines and the idea of getting a new issue with a long profile on someone you admire…one that feels like you’re being let in on a real conversation, like the Rolling Stone Interview of the 70s,” says Jones. “There are less of those around these days and fewer channels to support them. I sensed a comfort level and a mutual respect in the interviews I liked best, even when they got a bit adversarial. It’s a chance for an artist to open up and talk about what they find interesting or maybe elicit something they hadn’t thought of before.” Or, as interview subject Robert Downey Jr. puts it, “We’re not selling soap here.”

Subjects, whose talents and interests often span multiple fields, offer honest and thoughtful commentary about their artistic process, their creative choices, their influences, and naturally, some great stories. John Krasinski talks about leaving The Office for the unknown; Aimee Mann, whose career was defined by her battles with her record label, discusses what happens when you no longer need a label; and pro skateboard legend Tony Hawk explains why he still skates despite the physical risks. What is personally intriguing for Jones becomes just as compelling for the viewer.

Episodes are available as video documentaries, online magazine articles and podcasts. “I wanted to make Off Camera very portable,” says Jones. “We’re all busy, so it needs to be accessible in whatever way people want to experience it- they can read it, watch it, or listen to it. We also are publishing a limited print edition that I am really excited about.”

Off Camera launches on April 24th, with new episodes added regularly. Artists profiled so far include John Krasinski, Aimee Mann, Tony Hawk, Blake Mills, and Robert Downey Jr.

To see what it’s all about look here

And the website is here

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Christopher Wray McCann on the ground in Africa on Instagram…


Our good friend Christina Kantner of CK Prod and Gareth Kantner of Cafe Stella have mounted a movement to stop the proposed building of a multi use high rise building at Sunset Junction where Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd. meet. If you are a Silverlake resident you know how valuable the Junction is to the fabric and vibe of Silverlake, or if you are an LA person who loves to visit this area we ask you to please go to the website, learn about this fight and sign the petition and also sign up for email updates. You can get to the website here

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Sam Jones – E! Networks – What Would Ryan Do?

Patrik Giardino for UCLA Magazine – Motion piece

Patrik shot a story for UCLA Magazine with the art director Charlie Hess. Patrik asked Charlie if he could shoot some motion at the same time with the dancers and here is the resulting piece which was shown last night at the SPD Unsung Heroes of the West . 7 – the seventh in a series. Last night was all motion by photographers and illustrators. Patrik’s piece was a BIG HIT!! See more of his motion work on his site here

UCLA Dance from patrik giardino on Vimeo.


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AT WAR WITH THE OBVIOUS – William Eggleston show

At The Metropolitain Museum in NYC until July 28th. I saw the exhibiiton two weeks ago and it is worth saying – a beautiful new set of thirty six seminal Eggleston dye transfer prints recently aquired by The Met. And remember to see the James Nares The Street video near by on the same visit. More information on the exhibit here

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Frank Ockenfels 3 – Da Vinci’s Demons – STARZ