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Sam Jones with Mumford & Sons

Frank Ockenfels 3 – The Killing – The season three finale is this Sunday and I am….

LOVING AND OBSESSED with this show. The actors are all amazing and in particular Peter Sarsgaard is fantastic.

I am off on vacation tomorrow so my DVR is set to tape for Sunday and I will be watching it – all two hours – as soon as I get back – I can not wait! If you have not watched this season I encourage you to – it is television at it’s finest!

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Christopher Wray McCann – Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House

Here is an image Christopher did for the Conde Nast Traveler American edition for a story on Palm Springs a few years back. Laura and I were looking through images today and it popped out at me so I decided to post it. Must be so hot in the desert right now but it would be cool ( in more ways than one ) if you could swim in that pool!

It is hard to believe it was designed and built by Neutra in 1946. Purchased and lovingly restored by Brad Harris and Beth Edwards Harris in 1992 after many bad additions and renovations, they have since divorced and he has custody from what I understand. I have had the pleasure of being on the property and in the guest house but not in the main house. Many critics place the Kaufmann House amongst the most important houses of the 20th century in the United States, with the likes of Fallingwater, Robie House, Gropius House and the Gamble House.

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Coast Modern Film now available on DVD!

I blogged about this film a few weeks ago when it was screened at the Hammer Museum in conjunction with the A. Quincey Jones exhibition. It is now available on DVD with a bonus disc of extra footage and I highly recommend it! I was fortunate to see this great film in Palm Springs at Modernism in February. It is about modern architecture in the Northwest mostly with a focus on Vancouver where I grew up. It is very well shot and very informative and is not only about architecture but the concept of living in a modern way as it developed mid century. You can buy the film on their website here

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Throwback Thursday…..

Here is a recently unearthed Polaroid of me from the Annie Leibovitz studio circa 1985 I think….who can remember it was so long ago? An what about the hair and the wind machine? I remember that shirt well. This was a lighting test for a Vanity Fair cover. Those were the days…..

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Perry Ogden for Stylist Magazine London

Sting’s New Album – “The Last Ship” by Frank Ockenfels 3

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Sting put out an album, how time flies! But he’s back now with not only a new album (featured here – cover by Frank Ockenfels), but he is also debuting this year on Broadway, a musical also titled “The Last Ship”.

The musical is based on Sting’s experiences of living near a shipyard in Newcastle and the demise of Britain’s shipbuilding industry. The musical is what inspired the new album, and we are so excited for both! The new album will be released this fall on September 23rd.

You can read more about the album and the broadway musical here

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John Mayer and Sam Jones…

PATRIK GIARDINO // Instagram Debut

The Chandelier Tree of Silverlake

Chandelier Tree from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

I live right near the Chandelier Tree and I have always wondered what the story was with it and how it came to be. Now I know – watch this great little piece on it! If you have never seen it drive by one night it is on the corner of Shadowlawn and West Silver Lake Drive.

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