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PATRIK GIARDINO for Oakley with Factory Design Labs!

OakleyVimeo1280 from patrik giardino on Vimeo.

Here is a video from a recent job Patrik did for Oakley and the art director was Angela Mateus. This was in conjunction with a print shoot that we did on the same days and on more and more jobs lately Patrik has been shooting motion too. Makes for more fun or as Patrik would say that is AWESOME!

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Frank Ockenfels 3 // Homeland for Showtime

Guest Blogger Alert!! It is me Laura again! So many great things to look forward to when Friday FINALLY rolls around. This weekend is especially exciting for two reasons…

First of all, we are HUGE Homeland fans here at Eye Forward, we can’t wait to get wrapped up in the show again. Homeland premieres on Showtime this Sunday, September 29th at 9:00pm…

More importantly, there is more to Frank’s Homeland connection than the fact that he shot the advertising for the show – this Sunday is also Frank Ockenfels’ birthday!!!

So this weekend, we have two FANTASTIC reasons to celebrate! Both Frank and Homeland bring us so much joy, here’s to a great season and another happy healthy year for Frank!

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Eleven Case Study Houses are recognized as Nationally Historic Places…..

I was so happy to learn of this amazing news from one of my LA Conservancy newsletters. I am a proud member of the LA Conservancy. I was at Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House 22 – The Stahl House just last week on a shoot and was once again completely astounded at the beauty and magic of this house and reminded again why it is an iconic piece of architecture and well worth this recogination as well as all the other ten Case Study homes acknowledged. Now I really have to seem them all – I think I am at five out of eleven…. Read more about this here and here.

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Sam Jones for HBO – Hello Ladies!

Hello Ladies is a new HBO comedy series created by Stephen Merchant, Lee Eisenberg, and Gene Stupnitsky, and stars Merchant as an Englishman who looks for love in modern Los Angeles. The series will premiere this Sunday September 29, 2013. This trailer is pretty funny!! Check it out here

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October 3rd – Mark Your Calendars the next Society of Publication Designers….

Perry Ogden photographs Daniel Bruhl for the Telegraph magazine…

SNAKE ALERT ON SUNSET BLVD! Frank Ockenfels 3 new campaign for American Horror 3

Today is IT CAN WAIT DAY…September 19, Drive 4 Pledges Day, supporters of the movement are called to help spread the word to their families, friends and communities

to never text and drive and spread the word. Look for the Goodyear Blimps in Miami and Los Angeles with the IT CAN WAIT signs. To learn more, click here and please watch this amazing PSA film by Werner Herzog ” From One Second To The Next “on the perils of texting and driving. I guarantee it will make you consider the danger of and possibly make you stop texting while you drive. It worked on me. It is thirty minutes long and well worth watching. It is incredibly well done and moving and deeply upsetting – it will effect change as will hopefully todays events.

This is really not the kind of thing I post about here on our blog but someone on a set the other day told me to watch the film and Herzog is a favorite filmmaker so I did. I investigated on line and found out about today’s initiative.

CNN wrote that Werner Herzog looked at the statistics for texting-while-driving incidents — as well as our smartphone obsession and its cost in simple human contact — and recognized the necessity of saying something.

The film is sponsored by It Can Wait, a driver-safety campaign launched by AT&T in 2009 that now includes T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless, it’s received more than 1.7 million views on YouTube and will be distributed to more than 40,000 high schools in the coming months.


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We are very excited about….Christopher Wray-McCann’s new website!

Sam Jones Off Camera – Laura Dern Interview is LIVE!

Excerpt from Sam’s Editor’s Letter:

I’m beginning to think it has a lot more to do with commitment. Commitment – to put your full heart into an idea, ignore your self-critic, and see the project through with a high level of enthusiasm, may just be the key to producing any art. And forget all about the words good and bad. Because you can find people on both sides of that argument, and that goes for any discipline. And, time changes everything. Something that seemed silly ten years ago may now strike me as poignant or innocent. Something that seemed important twenty years ago may now seem pretentious or one-dimensional.

Imagine if there had not been tape constantly running during that summer of 1967 when Bob Dylan and the band were hunkered down in West Saugerties, New York in a basement recording any and every idea that came their way. The Basement Tapes recordings represent to me, the most unclogged creative pipeline ever committed to recording tape, and the results are joyous, mysterious, and a hugely important piece of our American musical lineage. But those tapes were released nine years after being recorded, and could just as easily never have come out at all, if not for the invention of bootlegging. I don’t think it was ever Bob Dylan’s intention for anyone to hear those tapes. Imagine if we hadn’t.

So really, the only tragedies are the ideas that were never allowed out of the box: The song that was never recorded, or the book that was never finished, or the film that never got past the pitch stage. And it is funny to be making this statement in the day and age of instant global distribution of any form of media, because don’t we have enough books, and music, and pictures? But making art was always a solitary, narcissistic venture anyway, so who cares how much is out there? The question is, how do you make your best work? How do you ignore your self-critic, your potential audience, your parent’s voice, whatever it is, that stops creativity in its tracks, and let your idea have a chance to gestate?

In this interview, Laura Dern brings up very important aspect of her craft: How do you avoid judgment when you create a character? How do you populate or personify somebody without also judging him or her? And it speaks to how artists nurture an idea. I am not an actor, and to be honest, the entire art of acting has always sort of mystified me. Have you ever tried to stand in front of a mirror and play a character? Adopted a voice, some mannerisms, and tried to be someone else? I find it so mysterious and impossible. Within seconds I am judging my performance and questioning my believability. Remember the Seinfeld episode when Kramer is offered a small part in a Woody Allen movie, and he has to say the line, “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”? And the rest of the characters- Jerry, George, and Elaine all criticize his performance, and then all give their equally bad line readings? The level of commitment required to be an actor is off the charts. You have to completely distance yourself from that inner voice, and make thousands of interconnected decisions that reflect every level of human behavior, all in one of the most unnatural environments of all: the movie set.

So Laura talks about this idea of judgment of a character, and claims that you can’t really play a part if you sit in judgment of a character. And the same goes for the director of the film. Because if the director is judging the character, they are judging the actor, and the actor isn’t free to stretch out towards the furthest reaches of what is possible. Now, when that same director is editing the film, it is something else entirely. He should stand in ultimate judgment of which performance and which decisions help him tell the story he is trying to tell. But to make those judgments during filming limits the possibilities for the actor.

I am fascinated by this whole concept, because I feel like when we just get out of our own way, really original, human creation can take place. Laura Dern always finds ways to make her characters have great depth and humanity. She is a true artist and truly commits to her decisions, which is why she made a career working with such visionary directors as David Lynch, Alexander Payne, and Clint Eastwood. I find her mesmerizing, and I trust you will too.

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