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MOCA – STEP AND REPEAT – This Saturday night October 4th!

” Step and Repeat is a multi-disciplinary program of performance art, music, comedy, and poetry and marks MOCA’s return to live arts programming, a crucial part of the museum’s historical identity. Stretching across four Saturdays this fall, Step and Repeat will present voices from across the United States, with a special focus on the burgeoning performance communities in Los Angeles. Step and Repeat builds on the success of MOCAtv, which over the past two years has transcended its original role as a producer of online content to become one of the most daring digital platforms for performance art, comedy, music, video art, and youth culture. The goal of Step and Repeat is to celebrate the hybrid, convergent, nascent spirit of art today, to collapse some categories, and to explore new directions in artistic practices. ”

This Saturday night is the last of four Saturday nights at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary and it is so worth going to. I want last Saturday night and it was amazing. Every hour on the hour from 6 PM to 11 PM there are different performances on a series of stage areas inside the building and then outside in the plaza in front of the museum there are bars, food trucks and amazing dee jays playing music as well as the best people watching in LA in recent history. This is a scene, this is art and this is LA now. Curated by Emma Reeves who is also the force behind MOCA TV this event will be back again I am sure. What a way to utilize this great space between exhibitions. What a way to bring together an amazing mix of people or all ages, demographics, art, fashion, music and just good energy. Make sure you go!!

Here is more information from the MOCA blog here

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Sam Jones – A new season and a whole group of new interviews on OFF CAMERA on Direct TV!!

Perry Ogden for D Magazine – Cover story with Jacquetta Wheeler!

GUEST BLOGGER // New Work from Aaron Smith

Laura here, filling in as a guest blogger!

As you may know, Aaron Smith is the newest addition to the fabulous Eye Forward roster and today we thought we’d shed some light on his most recent body of work done for Santa Monica College’s football team…

Here are some of the highlights and of course, you can always see more on Aaron’s website or follow him on Instagram @asmithphotos

Oh, and go Corsairs!

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More Goodbyes to Derek Jeter of the Yankees….This one from Gatorade!

Frank Ockenfels 3 Books for Sale!!

Frank did a book with Blurb for his gallery show this summer in Amsterdam at the Kahmann Gallery. He made two hundred books which are numbered and signed and we have a few left for sale. If you are interested contact Jackie at his studio on and or by phone on (323) 363-1901.

They cost $100.00 plus tax plus shipping and Jackie and give you the details on all that.

They are amazing and a wonderful edit of photography, sketches and collages! Buy one now!

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Patrik Giardino Men’s Health UK – Jason Momoa video!

Jason Momoa from patrik giardino on Vimeo.

In case you did not get enough of Jason on our post of the images from this latest shoot – here is the video! As is the case with a lot of magazines now our photographers are also creating motion pieces for website and promotional purposes as well as behind the scenes videos. It is kind of fun to being the images to life and in this case it proves Jason is the real deal!

To see more of Patrik’s great work go to here

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Sam Jones Vanity Fair Cover Story with Robert Downey Jr

I so love these images ( this is only some of what were published ) and this cover and we hope you do too. Sam did an amazing job with an amazing subject.

I have not read the interview but it is apparently very good and I have to say he is one of my favorites in every sense of the word. I admire him and that is hard to say about most Hollywood actors these days!

To read the full story on line you have to subscribe but here is a little sample of it here


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Spencer Lowell photographs the new Warby Parker in Venice, CA.

If you love the Warby Parker eyewear ( and we do ) there is good news for Los Angeles they have just opened a permanent store here in Venice!

We were excited that they hired Spencer to photograph the new store just before it opened and are happy to see that they have gotten great press in Los Angeles Magazine’s website and section The Clutch as well as on Racked LA.

I have not been out to see the new store yet but the design looks great and I love the blue painted exterior and look forward to seeing the Geoff Mc Fetridge painted mural on the side of the building.

We love their giving ethos – the company follows a “you buy a pair, we give a pair” policy.

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FROM CURBED LOS ANGELES – My favorite blog:

Who hasn’t seen an empty pool on a hot day and thought “Man, it would be great to just jump in there”? Most people leave it at that, but this bear fully yields to its gnawing urge to dive into the pool at this suburban house in Sierra Madre. Video documentation shows the poor black bear—likely sweltering under that heavy, furry coat—taking a quick dips in the cool, chlorinated waters, via LA Observed, which points out that the bear totally thinks about going for round two in the spa.

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