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Sam Jones Off Camera # 25 – Jessica Chastain

Dispatch from Sam: I am so excited to share the newest episode of Off Camera with you, featuring the supremely talented Jessica Chastain. I was fascinated with our conversation, and realized early into it that this is a woman with a singular purpose and a strong will, and I had much to learn from her drive and passion for her craft. I know you will enjoy this episode.

You can watch it now on DirecTV’s Audience Network channel 239 OR

You can watch a trailer here

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Thank you San Francisco!

Last week Laura and I went north to the Bay area to see clients and we had a super time. See above some of the highlights from our Instagram feeds!

We met wonderful new people and saw some old friends and had great meetings everywhere we went!

So thanks to all those who made time to see us. We know how busy you are. And for the ones we missed – see you next time!

We highly recommend the Ai Weiwei exhibit @large if you you are up in the Bay area before April 26th it is on at Alcatraz which is in itself is an amazing place. To see more details check it out here

Laura found a great new affordable hotel this trip right near Union Square – Hotel G – check it out here

And finally a great new restaurant that we loved the food at and the design of the place plus great friendly service – Liholiho Yacht Club – check it out here

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Sam Jones Warner Bros. GET HARD

Dewey Nicks shoots Meghan Trainor for SEVENTEEN – It’s All About The Bass!

Such a fun shoot – a great match up with Dewey – she was called by Rolling Stone 2014’s most unlikely pop star ( and she managed to boot Taylor Swift off the charts ) but whatever you think of her music I salute her for inspiring young girls to have body confidence and for being honest about her experiences entering the music business. Young women need more varied role models and she is one.

Read the article in Seventeen here

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Harper by Harper

The brilliant Irving Harper didn’t choose to unwind with a Manhattan after a stressful day in Manhattan. Rather, he overindulged in paper and glue. A designer at George Nelson Associates for 16 years, he was crucial to Nelson’s success during his tenure, creating the Marshmallow Sofa, Ball Clock, Herman Miller logo and countless other iconic works under the umbrella of George Nelson Associates.

Anonymity was once the norm in this industry, especially for designers working for a major studio like George Nelson. Harper didn’t expect public recognition for his work, and that humility gave him the ability to spend his personal time creating for his own enjoyment, completely without a filter or specific audience in mind.

For 40 years he crafted magnificent paper animals, figures and objects simply for the joy of relaxation, meditation and play, having no intention to share them with the world. How amazing is that?

To learn more take a look at this post on Design Within Reach, here.

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Frank Ockenfels 3 – Sony POWERS premiered March 10th!

Can I boast? My nephew Devon Halfnight LeFlufy was in WWD Wednesday! AWESOME!!

He is a menswear designer based in Antwerp and you can Read the interview below. And check out his website here

March 18, 2015
Devon Halfnight LeFlufy On Design
from WWD issue 03/19/2015

With a name like Devon Halfnight LeFlufy — not a made-up moniker — this is one designer who is destined to stand out.

LeFlufy, who was recently short-listed for the LVMH Prize, admits he has a love-hate relationship with his name. “Halfnight is my mother’s maiden name and LeFlufy is from my father,” he said. “Sometimes I love that name and other times not.”

That said, he’s all about eclectic mixtures. Born in Vancouver and based in Antwerp, Belgium, his inspirations come from Los Angeles subcultures.

“My fascination with Americanism was instilled at a very early age,” said LeFlufy, who turns 31 next week. “Vancouver is a very serene place. I loved living there as a kid, my identity was shaped by being a skateboard hoodlum and somehow this stays with me, in my references and in my mentality.

“For me, America has been the center of art and popular culture for the last 70 years: the music, the TV and the clothes. So it’s even funnier, when you think about it, that I live and work from a tiny European port town.”

He said his aim is to create a world built from surprising but familiar references, “using unexpected material combinations, evoking a sense of nostalgia and desire for the future. The result is always an exploration of multiple worlds.”

LeFlufy is fascinated with science-fiction writer William Gibson’s idea of the “mirror” world. “It’s the idea of things feeling uncannily familiar, but at the same time, completely foreign. To give an example, if you are from New York City and you are in London, the coins look like coins, feel like coins, you know how to use them, but the weight, shape and feeling are off. The coins are familiar, yet foreign.”

Art is another interest and inspiration. “My wife is a gallerist, most of my family works in one form of art or another, both fine and applied. Beyond this, music is a huge source of inspiration.”

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, LeFlufy earned his B.A. and M.A. in fashion design, and was awarded the International Jury Prize for his M.A. collection. He was also a nominee for the H&M Design Award in 2014.

As an M.A. student, LeFlufy caught the eye of the Opening Ceremony team and collaborated on a capsule collection for the store. They asked him to create a collection as part of their “OC loves Belgium” series.

His success so far comes partly from his student digs.

“While I was in school, there was this old apartment in the dirtiest part of Antwerp, and an air of folklore surrounded it. Every student that moves into the space becomes a namesake designer,” LeFlufy said. “I lived and worked from that space, following Bernhard Willhelm, Haider Ackermann and Peter Pilotto, to name a few.”

LeFlufy showed his spring and fall collections in New York as part of Made Fashion Week. His Paris showroom opened for the fall 2014 season following his collaboration with Opening Ceremony. The brand is stocked at stores including Opening Ceremony, Wild Style and Cement. Price points include graphic T-shirts for $69 to $102 and overcoats for $1,074 to $2,175.

LeFlufy said to expect great things for future collections. “I think men’s wear is having a renaissance and I hope to be a part of that.”

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Off Camera with Sam Jones Season 3 – Premiering March 18th on Direct TV – check it out! The trailer is GREAT!

Perry Ogden – D Magazine Story – the second one out for this season with the editor Annie Lerner!

I can not even begin to express my excitement over – drum roll – Zoolander 2!

They are back and what a brilliant way to announce it – the boys take to the runway of the Valentino show in Paris last week!

We can’t wait!

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