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Sam Jones Off Camera with Will Ferrell

Enjoy these comments from Sam’s Letter from the Editor and of coursse the whole interview on Off Camera here

” I have been lucky enough to work with Will many times, and he takes the cake for being the most game subject I think I have ever photographed. I have hung him from a tree, put him in an outdoor bubble bath in January, made him ride a miniature pony, dressed him as Einstein, and yes, photographed him buck naked and crying. He has been so generous with his time and his image, and I admire his enthusiasm so much. He is never vain or self-conscious, but instead is always thinking, “what will be the funniest thing I can do.”

Will bounced around a bit after college before finding his way to comedy, but once he got there his life took off like a rocketship. It takes a special kind of man to roll around on the floor playing with cat toys when you get your one shot at a Saturday Night Live audition, and that commitment has made his career fascinating and hilarious to follow. I enjoyed our conversation immensely, and I hope you will too. ”

And watch the preview where he talks about his Dad’s advice and the element of luck here

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Frank Ockenfels 3 photographs Kim Gordon for Rolling Stone Magazine

Kim has just released a memoir – Girl In a Band – which is supposed to be excellent, candid and tells the story of her early life in California and her mentally unstable brother. She talks about the start of her seminal band Sonic Youth, and gives ann album-by-album breakdown of Sonic Youth’s career and she also writes about motherhood and as well as her divorce and the break up of the band.

Check it out here

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Guest Blogger // Palm Springs Photo Festival 2015

Greetings, from Eye Forward – Denise here, reporting from sunny Los Angeles!

Things are heating up at this year’s Palm Spring’s Photo Festival, and we’re not just talking about that desert heat!

We are VERY excited to not only have one of our own (Carol) attend and review portfolios, but to also announce our involvement in providing an upcoming photographer scholarship!

With great events unfolding, featuring many different creatives within the industry, we are especially excited to have our very own Frank Ockenfels 3 speak!

For more updates and a full list of events, you can view the Palm Springs Photo Festival schedule on there website, or check out their Instagram for frequent updates!

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GUEST BLOGGER / Celebrating the weekend with Aaron Smith!

Hi everyone, Laura here filling in for Carol!

I would say that I hope you are all as excited as I am that it’s the weekend, but who I am kidding?! I already know you are all very excited – we made it, the week is OVER! And although we may not all be able to jump for joy quite like the above photo, captured by the very talented Aaron Smith (for ABC123Me Boys Wear) – I am definitely doing mental somersaults!

Stay tuned from more of this wonderful campaign by Aaron coming soon and to get your fill in the meantime, check out his site here….

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

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Frank Ockenfels 3 – Father John Misty for Playboy

I have a BIG CRUSH and it is on Father John Misty ( AKA Joshua Tillman ). I was in love with him when I heard his latest album I Love You, Honeybear ( and I loved The Fleet Foxes ) and then I saw him play last Monday night in Pomona at the Glass House and he was incredible live. Frank had the pleasure of photographing him for PLAYBOY – thanks Rebecca Black – at the Dresden a favorite spot in Los Feliz recently and the story just came out in the new issue of Playboy.

Check him out live if you can – tour schedule is available – his website here

To make this Wednesday Humpday go a little sweeter check out this performance of Father John Misty with Florence Welch last weekend at Coachella here

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Great New Work by Patrik Giardino

The New York Times Sunday Magazine – Story with Sally Mann

If you did not have a chance to read the Magazine yesterday you might want to read the very interesting story about and by Sally Mann, the photographer. It is specifically about the images she took of her young children growing up over a period of years that were published in 1992 in a book called Immediate Family.

I remember so clearly when the book came out and the cover story in the NY Times Sunday Magazine and the first NY show which Frank Ockenfels and I went to at the then Houk Friedman Gallery where we very smartly ( dumb luck ) both bought 8×10 contact prints and wished we could have afforded the big prints which of course now sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

These images sparked a lot of controversy and for the first time Sally writes about how it all effected her family and her life. I never understood people’s negative reactions to the images but there were threats and legal proceedings and a profound effect on her and her work and her children, which she shares in the article. This is such a great story and thee is very interesting video clips now of Sally in her life. This article is adapted from “Hold Still: A Memoir With Photographs,” to be published in May by Little, Brown and Company.

Read the story here

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Dewey Nicks and the one and only Pat Cleveland!

Dewey just shot a great campaign for the new Brookfield Place in lower Manhattan. I will post some more of the final images later but for this Friday weekend send off I am featuring this image of one of the best models of all time and one of the first black supermodels. Pat was an important model in the 1970s, and was a muse to the designers Halston ( one of Halston’s Halstonettes, and regularly opened his fashion shows) and Yves Saint Laurent as well as Stephen Burrows.

If you have not seen Versailles73 a wonderful film about the 1973 fashion show held in France which pitted the top 5 American designers against the 5 leading French designers of the time you must as the Americans ruled and their secret weapon was fresh, innovative designs and the tour de force, a collective of stunning black models, Pat being one who sashayed down the runway and into the hearts of the high-profile audience.

Check out the trailer here and details on how to see them film here

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Frank Ockenfels 3 Netflix – House of Cards Season Three

Listen to this piece from NPR’s Fresh Air to hear ” Forget Right And Wrong: ‘House Of Cards’ Is About Pragmatism And Power ”


And to see the image above of Frank’s come to live ( from another direction! ) see this Teaser motion piece that he created too for the campaign – Watch it here

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Sam Jones – Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot prints available on….

Sam’s website in his new ” Store ” section which is really worth looking at because there is not only iconic and unusual photographs available to purchase but also some other cool stuff for sale that is not available any other place.

And as Sam says:

Today is a great day to check out the Sam Jones Pictures store. We have just added a series of six Chicago cityscape photographs that I made while working on the Wilco Documentary. Some of these images were used in the original album art for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, including the cover image of the album. Some have never been seen. To me, they are a great time capsule of my experiences making I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. The images are sized so that they can hang individually, or as a series on a wall. I also made a set of four images that can be bought together at a substantial savings. Mailing list subscribers can save an additional 10% on either the set of four, or individual images, by using the code MARINA at checkout.

Here is the story behind the photographs, and DO check out the store. Take a look here

Music can do so many things to the brain. It can shape our emotions, bring an idea into sharper focus, or suggest environments or even whole worlds. When I first heard the early demos that would become Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, I was the passenger in a car being piloted by Jeff Tweedy, who also has strong feelings about the power of music. We were driving around Chicago, because Jeff said, “these songs sound best in the car, where the view is moving and changing.” As I let the music wash over me, I also took in the passing landscape—Midwest apartment buildings, Lakeshore Drive, bridges, old concrete structures mixed with modern architectural behemoths, and Lake Michigan, always a presence–framing the city and spilling between the buildings at every turn.

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