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Happy RUNNING & JUMPING Friday with Dewey Nicks for LUCY Activewear

Sam Jones OFF CAMERA 100 Episodes and counting!!!

Last night at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills we celebrated the 100th episode of Sam Jones’ OFF CAMERA!

Hard to believe that OFF CAMERA have produced and shot 100 episodes and Congratulations to Sam and his team for all the hard work creating this unique project.

And thanks to Direct TV/Audience Network for being a great host for the party and for being the home of this dynamic show.

To learn more about the network and their programming take a look here

And if you are new to OFF CAMERA take a look at the website to learn how you can watch, listen and read this great content here

Some of the many quests have included Courtney Cox, Thandie Newton and Hank Azaria to only name 3 of 100!

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Perry Ogden’s new story for D Magazine ARTE APLICATA is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Frank Ockenfels 3 Piece in the RARE Exhibit at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam!

RARE, an exhibition filled with rare and unique pieces from hand-colored to vintage 19th century Japanese Albumen prints to one of Frank’s unique David Bowie photo collages was a special show curated by the gallery where they collected and selected pieces that are one-off or in very small editions, to create a veritable as they called it ” Wunderkammer ” of photography.

And if you are wondering – ” Wunderkammer ” means – Cabinet of Curiosities!

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Spencer Lowell meets Thomas Demand for WALLPAPER

Thomas Demand is a German sculptor and photographer. He lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles, and Spencer went to visit him at his home in LA for a story in WALLPAPER about people who collect WALLPAPER Magazine There was no picture of him taken but this spread was published in an interesting series for their 20th Anniversary. 20 Years of WALLPAPER – that is amazing!

Thomas is giving an artist talk at Photo London – which is happening May 18th to 21st.

Check out the Photo London site here and then the talk Demand is doing along with others and to find out more here

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HANG in there, it’s Friday! Dewey Nicks – more GREAT work for LUCY Activewear!

Spencer Lowell | Popular Science Ingalls Shipyard

Frank Ockenfels 3 photographed Lorde a few years back……

and now we are all waiting for the follow up to 2013’s Pure Heroine hit record which is coming soon!

The first single Green Light is amazing and we hope for much more from the immensely talented Lorde who was featured on the cover of the NY Times Sunday Magazine last week in a piece called – The Return of Lorde.

If you did not read the piece check it out here

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Dewey Nicks shoots Myles Garrett for ESPN’s NFL Draft Issue

This cover hit the newsstands last Friday – April 14th, and features an in-depth Q&A with Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett, the consensus No. 1 pick.

He talks football, poetry, dinosaurs and ‘80s rock while promising to leave his mark on NFL history and torment any team that dares pass him up on Draft Day!

Dewey loved working with him in Austin Texas – nicest guy ever!

Check out the story here

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Happy Monday GO – BTS with Sam Jones and OFF CAMERA!