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Friday Mood with Dewey Nicks for Rider Jeans

RIP Hugh Hefner

Today we say goodbye to a legend that forever changed an industry.

Several of our photographers have shot for PLAYBOY (Bella Newman, Frank Ockenfels 3), and not to mention Spencer Lowell, who spent time shooting Cooper, Hugh’s son, earlier this summer in the now sold Playboy mansion.

Our hearts go out to the PLAYBOY family.


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Spencer Lowell Shoots the Tara Project for Google Magazine


Spencer was lucky enough to be the resident artist on board of the Tara, a ship out in the Mediterranean studying plastic pollution in our oceans.

Google picked up the story, and you can read all about it and see more of the amazing photos by clicking here.

You can also check out the motion piece that goes along with this story on Spencer’s website!

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Frank Ockenfels 3 and Alexander Hamilton

You don’t have to be in New York to see Hamilton! Did you know that Hamilton is now playing in both San Francisco and Los Angeles?

People are saying the Los Angeles cast, performing at the Pantages in Hollywood, is just as good (if not better) than the original New York cast.

Frank was lucky enough to get up close and personal with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the cast when shooting for the book Hamilton – The Revolution. 

Make sure you get out there and catch this show while it’s still around, no matter where you live!

Check out more of Frank’s work on his website.

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Bella Newman shoots Hailey Baldwin for Adidas

Bella Newman teamed up with Johannes Leonardo for this shoot for Adidas.

Hailey Baldwin stars in this campaign for Adidas’ collaboration with JD Sports.

These pieces are a throw-back to the OG Adidas classics, but with a modern twist.

Check back soon to catch Bella’s new website, coming soon.

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First Day of Fall with Perry Ogden for GQ Australia

Happy Equinox, everybody!

Today marks the days getting shorter, nights getting longer, and summer being officially over! But don’t fret, there are lots of cozy times up ahead.

Perry Ogden is making fall look so good in this Autumnal menswear story he shot for this month’s issue of Australian GQ. The story was shot in Paris and we’re loving the colors and camel theme.

Check out more of Perry’s work here.

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Spencer Lowell Shoots Carolyn Porco for WiredUK

Spencer Lowell recently shot this portrait of Carolyn Porco for this current issue of WiredUK.

Porco is the head scientist on the Cassini project, the spacecraft that has been circling Saturn for the past 13 years and gathering data on the giant planet.

Spencer actually projected the rings of Saturn on Carolyn’s face when shooting her portrait. How cool is that?

Read the entire article on WiredUK’s website.


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Frank Ockenfels Shoots The Walking Dead Season 8

Dewey Nicks for J. Crew Men’s

Our Newest Team Member : LouLou

In the spirit of all the introductions we’ve been doing lately, we felt we would be remiss to not introduce the newest addition to our team!

LouLou is a four pound chihuahua that hails from Santa Barbara. Our producer and junior agent, Alexandra, adopted her over Labor Day and it’s been true love ever since!

LouLou likes snacking, napping in her mom’s lap, and looking out the window.

Welcome to the team, LouLou!


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