[D - 96]  D/MODA ... 1036 - 22/04/17[D - 96]  D/MODA ... 1036 - 22/04/17[D - 96]  D/MODA ... 1036 - 22/04/17

More spreads from Perry Ogden’s story ARTE APPLICATA for D Magazine!

This story was photographed at the house of the gallery owner Lia Rumma in Naples with Annie Lerner as the editor, hair by Marco Minunno and makeup by Miriam Langellotti and with the model Soekie!

Check out more of Perry’s work on his website here



Perry Ogden’s new SHINOLA #RollUpOurSleeves Campaign up in NYC!

We are thrilled to see the first look at Perry’s new SHINOLA campaign up on NYC billboards. And we are so looking forward to seeing all of the interesting people and images he shot for this campaign as well as all the other media usage! Thank you to Partners & Spade as well as our wonderful producer Nathan Foulger of The Bees & Honey!

To learn more about this great campaign and project from SHINOLA look here

And of course we love SHINOLA and their amazing products so here is their site and with more of Perry’s images and the subjects stories too under The Journal section here

To see more of Perry’s work look here


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Perry Ogden Photographs Simone Rocha

British Fashion Council’s Designer of the Year, Simone Rocha, photographed by our very own Perry Ogden for the opening of her new store in New York City!

Issue No. 4 of Supplement Magazine is out now and is focused on shedding light on artists, writers, performers, photographers and many other creatives who are pushing the boundaries in their specific field.


[D - 132]  D/MODA ... 1033 - 01/04/17PO17_13_KIDS_NAPLES_04022017_Shot01_047_loresPO17_13_KIDS_NAPLES_04022017_Shot02_039_loresPO17_13_KIDS_NAPLES_04022017_Shot04_003_loresPO17_13_KIDS_NAPLES_04022017_Shot05_025_loresPO17_13_KIDS_NAPLES_04022017_Shot06_047_lores

Perry Ogden | Napoli Under 20

Another amazing story photographed by Perry for D la Repubblica Magazine!

Styled by Annie Lerner
Hair by Gugliemo Carnovale
Makeup by Miriam Langellotti
Street Casting by Valeria Borrelli


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Perry Ogden for D la Repubblica Magazine

We are thrilled to see Perry’s latest story published in last Saturday’s issue of D la Repubblica Magazine!

This story was shot in Naples this past February with a dynamite team- styling by Annie Lerner, hair by Marco Minunno, make-up by Miriam Langellotti and featuring model Reese Robert.