Spencer Lowell does beautiful images of Bonsai for Architectural Digest……

Spencer visited Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai in Orgeon for this story.

Ryan opened Bonsai Mirai in Oregon in 2010. Since then, he’s become one of the most respected bonsai artists of our day, racking up a discerning clientele and having his work exhibited at institutions like the Portland Art Museum.



Spencer Lowell – The New York Times Sunday Magazine cover of Mark Zuckerberg

There are landmarks, or goalposts or accomplishments in a photographer’s career that really mean so much. The cover of any magazine is fantastic but to have the cover of the NY Times Sunday Magazine is really a major high.

Yesterday Spencer’s first cover came out and we are so proud of him and his work on this and every story he does.

Thank you to Kathy Ryan and Jessica Dimson and Gail Bichler and everyone at the magazine.

A great story also by Farhad Manjoo – about the inside of Facebook and the challenges of social media’s impact on news and events.

Please take a look at Spencer’s website for the latest update of his work – updated and fantastic here


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Spencer Lowell meets Thomas Demand for WALLPAPER

Thomas Demand is a German sculptor and photographer. He lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles, and Spencer went to visit him at his home in LA for a story in WALLPAPER about people who collect WALLPAPER Magazine There was no picture of him taken but this spread was published in an interesting series for their 20th Anniversary. 20 Years of WALLPAPER – that is amazing!

Thomas is giving an artist talk at Photo London – which is happening May 18th to 21st.

Check out the Photo London site here and then the talk Demand is doing along with others and to find out more here



Spencer Lowell | Popular Science Ingalls Shipyard

We are thrilled that Spencer’s latest story Where Steel Becomes Arsenal will be featured in the May/June issue of Popular Science!

A huge thank you to our friends at Popular Science for all of the amazing assignments! Check out more of Spencer’s great work here