What’s On Your Weekend Menu? Inspiration from Gemma and Andrew Ingalls!

What’s on the menu this weekend?

We’re taking mega inspiration from this Ingalls’ photograph above!  As ex East Coasters we’re BIG fans of the traditional lobster boil.

This dinner looks classy and tedious to make but it’s actually super easy… just throw together some lobsters, shrimp, new potatoes, clams, and sausage, season it with Old Bay, and boil away!

Have a good weekend and bon appetit.


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Spencer Lowell for Caldera House

Let your wanderlust day dreams take you away to a luxe ski lodge in Wyoming…

This dreamy, woodsy destination is called Caldera House and was designed by our dear friends over at Commune Design.

They brought Spencer on to photograph the finished product and we can’t think of a cozier or more luxurious outcome.

Stop by Commune’s website to see more of their design projects and don’t forget to check out Spencer’s website, too!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Frank Ockenfels 3 Shoots Keith Urban

Frank had the pleasure of shooting promotional photos of mega-famous country singer Keith Urban for his upcoming world tour.

Frank’s dynamic photograph (shown above) was used to announce Keith’s tour. We can’t wait to see more from the shoot as the tour draws closer!

Keith Urban’s GraffitiU world tour kicks off June 15th.

Stop by Frank’s website to check out more of his work.


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Studio Shamshiri on the AD100

Congrats to the Shamshiri’s for making Architectural Digest’s AD100 list!

We love seeing Dewey’s stunning portrait of Pamela and Ramin popping up in publications.

You can read the article on AD here, and make sure to also stop by Studio Shamshiri’s website to see their incredible work firsthand.

Don’t forget to stop by Dewey’s website while you’re at it!

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Spencer Lowell for Men’s Health

What’s actually going on inside our muscles? Why are some people better at building muscles than others?

The new Men’s Health article titled Inside the Muscle Cell answers these questions and more.

Spencer spent a day in Southern California shooting Dr. Galpin and MMA fighter Patrick Cummins for the story. Above we see Cummins in the Bod Pod, which measures body fat and muscle.

Stop by Spencer’s site to check out more images from this story and others.


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Bella Newman Update

Bella recently spent some time in Turks and Caicos to escape the brutal New York winter.

She shot these gorgeous portraits of school children waiting for the bus during her time there, proving that there is always something beautiful to photograph if you know where to look.

Stop by Bella’s website to see more from this young talent.


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The Ingalls for Kluft Mattress

Wednesdays can be tough… we’re far enough away from Monday to feel some relief, but not yet close enough to the weekend to completely relax.

All we want to do is be back in our beds!

Until we get back there, we can look at this gorgeous photograph that Gemma and Andrew Ingalls did for Kluft Mattress.

Kluft is the most luxurious mattress EVER and this photo really conveys that.

Make sure to check out The Ingalls website for more day dream fuel.


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Sam Jones Shoots Eric Roberts for Vanity Fair

Eric Roberts is not just Julia Roberts’ brother, he is also a star in his own right.

He has worked on 74 films just in this last year alone, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this hard working talent.

Sam Jones shot Eric for this most recent installment of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue. It’s currently selling out on newsstands, but you can read the entire story on Vanity Fair’s website.

Don’t forget to stop by Sam’s website to see more of his iconic portraiture.


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Eye Forward on GoSee News!

Earlier this fall we were lucky enough to go represent our artists at a GoSee meet up in Berlin, Germany.

We made lots of great friends and met tons of amazing industry movers and shakers.

GoSee was kind enough to feature our agency and our wonderful artists in their online news publication and the article is out now! Click here to check it out.

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