Sam Jones Chats with Lauren Lapkus for Off Camera

This week on Off Camera Sam Jones sits down with Lauren Lapkus, the queen of improv. They discuss finding confidence through uncertainty and riding it for all it’s worth.

Watch a snippet of their conversation here and explore the Off Camera site to see more interviews.

Sam Jones’ photographs can be viewed here as well.


Zoe Kazan with Sam Jones for Off Camera

Zoe Kazan and Sam Jones chat about what it’s like to be a woman in a heavily male dominated world and how to never lose your sense of childlike wonder.

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Kumail Nanjiani with Sam Jones for Off Camera

Kumail and Sam sit down and talk about this unlikely comic’s rise to fame, and his upcoming movie, The Big Sick.

You can watch a sneak peek of the interview here, and click around the Off Camera website to gain access to more great content.

More of Sam Jones’ photographs can be viewed here.


Sam Elliott with Sam Jones for Off Camera

Sam Jones catches up with The Big Lebowski‘s legendary cowboy, Sam Elliott, to discuss his new film, The Hero.

See the The Hero, out now, and tune in to Off Camera to not only watch a snippet of Elliott’s interview but many other amazing conversations with today’s most inspiring personalities.

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Danny McBride for Off Camera with Sam Jones

Sam sits down with Danny McBride in Episode 105 where they chat about the hard work of comedy, the Foot-Fist Business Model and the joy of finding your fellow bees.

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