Christopher Wray-McCann – Conde Nast Traveler – The Life Exotic

with Waris in the Yucatan Mexico, a beautiful new story in the March Issue of US Conde Nast Traveler.


Christopher Wray-McCann in India for Conde Nast Traveler

I have always wanted to travel to India and these images make that desire even stronger. We are loving the new look of Traveler with Pilar Guzman as Editor, Yolanda Edwards is the Creative Director and Jennifer Miller is the Visuals Director. What a team!

Speaking of travel the Traveler site is super great for researching trips – check it out here


Christopher Wray-McCann deep in the Yucatan….

He just got back from a shoot in Mexico for a client and I want to transport myself to these amazing spots right now – more images to come from this shoot so stay tuned and these ones are more on his Instagram – follow him on wray_mcann….Happy Hump Day!

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Wray-McCann / Maroon Five / Midnight Miles

In July 2006 MTV Books published this great book of Christopher Wray-McCann’s images from his years on the road with his friends Maroon Five.

Of course Maroon Five are the number one band in the country with their new album V hitting the charts debuting at number one.

Christopher knowing that there are so many die hard M5 fans decided to revisit the thousands of images from those days and create an Instagram account for them and the followers are growing. So fun to see these pictures now after all these years!

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