Christopher Wray-McCann…..Panama City is for lovers

Christopher just returned from shooting on location……


On location in Paris – what a beautiful city….

Getting used to my camera on my I Phone and to the phone too – bit of an adjustment for this long time Blackberry user!


Bruce’s Bellport

I used to spend a lot of time in Bellport NY ( on Long Island ) and one summer I rented with a friend Bruce Weber’s house there.  Bruce used to shoot in Bellport a lot and there is a show right now at the Bellport Historical Society of some of his images which seems like such a good idea for a summer show and the image above is one of my most favorite Bruce images ever – and it just feels like summer to me and makes me think of many long ago lovely summer nights in Bellport…….wish I could go see the show!


I am on Apartment Therapy!!!

A wonderful photographer came to photograph my house Marcia Prentice at the suggestion of my friend Steve Jones from Better Shelter – his house was on Apartment Therapy too – and here is the result of a lovely afternoon and visit we had together.