Sam Taylor Johnson for CHANEL

Sam photographed Brad Pitt on the set of the Chanel # 5 television commercial shot by Joe Wright. Here are some of the images being used by CHANEL for publicity….


Instagram Scenes from NY and Hurricane Sandy!

I am fine now in an uptown hotel with power. Downtown has no power and is very damaged. Still no subway or buses….I never thought I would say this but I miss LA!!


The new FDR Memorial on Roosevelt Island – Four Freedom Park

On Friday before the storm I visited this new memorial park with my friends Brad and Robert on Roosevelt Island.  Designed by the great American architect Louis Kahn but never built in his lifetime it is now finally complete and placed beautifully at the South End of Roosevelt Island.  We went just as it closed at 5 PM and it was a stormy ( pre-Sandy ) grey afternoon which made the concrete and the newly planted trees with their autumn leaves even more spectacular.  I recently visited the Salk Institute near San Diego also designed by Louis Kahn and I now completely know him to be one of America’s great architects.  This is a website about the park and visiting here and a review from the NY Times architectural critic here Michael Kimmelman, who says: It is a belated and monumental triumph for New York and for everyone who cares about architecture and public space. It gives New York nothing less than a new spiritual heart. That’s to say it creates an exalted, austere public space, at once like the prow of a ship and a retreat for meditation. Please visit this powerful place soon……