Frank Ockenfels shoots the Cast of The Walking Dead Season 8

#TBT with Perry Ogden for French Vogue

Gemma Ingalls on Apiece Apart

If you’ve been wanting to know more about our dynamic photo duo, Gemma and Andy Ingalls, head on over the Apiece Apart page.

Apiece Apart chatted with Gemma about her travels, motherhood, and how to juggle creative pursuits with every day life.

In true photo duo style, Andy Ingalls shot the story.

Read the full interview here and see more of The Ingalls’ work on their website.

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Bella Newman Shoots Grier School for Girls for Vogue.Com

Our young photographer, Bella Newman, shot this story for throughout her senior year at The Grier School for Girls.

The story came out in August but we are still obsessing over these candid shots of high-schoolers, all shot in film, in their natural environment.

Read the whole story on, and keep an eye out for Bella’s website launch, coming soon!


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Spencer Lowell Shoots Google’s Quantum Computer for The Future of Everything

A couple months back, Spencer travelled to Google’s computer lab in Santa Barbara to shoot their new quantum computing chip for Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything.

Pictured above is the Quantum Computer itself. What’s so special about these computers is that they process information millions of times faster than conventional computers.

It’s all pretty science-y, so make sure to read the article here to get a better understanding of this incredible new technology.

Also, make sure to click around Spencer’s website to see more of his photographs.

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Happy Friday the 13th!

Prayers for Sonoma, Napa, and NorCal

It’s been so hard watching California’s precious wine country get torn apart by wildfires recently.

Our hearts go out to many friends who have lost homes or worse.

Everyone, go out and buy California wine this weekend to support all the incredible wineries we are so lucky to have!

This photo above was taken by The Ingalls and highlights a beautiful Hirsch Pinot. Hirsch has their vineyard on the Sonoma coast, and we keep them in our thoughts.

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Dispatch from Eye Forward in Berlin

This last Friday, Eye Forward was lucky enough to attend Update17, a large portfolio show in Berlin put on by GoSee PR.

We showed books, videos, and photos from all of the amazingly talented artists we represent. The feedback was phenomenal!

We met so many other amazing agencies, production companies, clients, and more. Thank you to everyone who came out and chatted with us!

You can find out more about GoSeePR here and more about Update17 here.


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Frank Ockenfels 3 for CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premiers with season 3 on October 13th.

Frank shot these character pieces for the upcoming premier. They’re spoofs on famous TV and movie villains, see if you can recognize them!

Fun Fact: Frank has shot a few of the original villains that these shots were based on.

Make sure you catch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s new season, and check out more of Frank’s work on his website.

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#TBT with Dewey Nicks for VOGUE Magazine