Coast Modern Screening in Los Angeles

I was fortunate to see this great film in Palm Springs at Modernism in February and it is great! It is about modern architecture in the Northwest mostly with a focus on Vancouver where I grew up. It is very well shot and very informative and is not only about architecture but the concept of living in a modern way as it developed mid century. It has not been screened in Los Angeles yet and will be seem at the Hammer Museum in conjunction with the A. Quincey Jones exhibition that has just opened there and the Getty’s continuing program and initiative Pacific Standard Time Presents, Modern Architecture in LA- the details are here The website for the film is here


My visit to San Francisco Ad Agencies…

I had a great trip to see our clients in San Francisco the week before last – of course I had some fun with Instagram while there – I love San Francisco!


June 2nd Frank Ockenfels 3 AMC The Killing

This Sunday June 2nd there is a special two hour premiere of the new season of The Killing and I can not wait!


Happy Memorial Day – Sam Jones shoots Hangover 3 – The film opens today!!

I think it is going to be huge at the box office. The trailer is fantastic!