Happy Halloween – What is more perfect for Halloween than MORE American HORROR!!!

Frank Ockenfels 3 – there are so many SCARY images from this campaign…….


Frank Ockenfels 3 – Food Network – Guy’s Grocery Games

Our first time working for The Food Network and they are great – and Guy was great too. Thanks to The Refinery!


PORSCHE By Design: Seducing Speed at the North Carolina Museum of Art

I have to find a way to get to Raleigh North Carolina before January 20th 2014!

By all accounts this exhibition is amazing. Seeing all these cars in one space must be incredible. And the website for the show is a joy in itself for a Porsche fanatic like myself. The images and the videos as well as the site design are fantastic.

Check it out here.


Deborah Turbeville RIP

One of my favorite photographers passed away last Thursday at the age of 81 in Manhattan. She was a huge influence on many and I remember in the late 1970’s and 1980’s always looking for her highly original and sensual images in VOGUE and they mesermized me as did her first book Unforseen Versailles. See the NY Times obituary here

And a NY Times slide show of her work here