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Make it a great one!

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Happy Birthday Mies van der Rohe!

From our friends at ARCH DAILY ( Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide ) today:

A big happy birthday goes out to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), who would have turned 128 years old today. Mies, who studied under influential figures such as Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier, helped to develop the most enduring architectural style of the 20th Century: modernism.

Among his most famous accomplishments are his seminal Barcelona Pavilion; his work as the head of The Bauhaus school; and, after the Nazi ascension in Germany forced him to emigrate, his leadership at the Illinois Institute of Technology. During his 20 years at IIT, Mies developed what became known as ‘the second Chicago school of architecture’, a style of simplified, rectilinear high-rise buildings exemplified by projects such as 860-880 Lakeshore Drive and the Seagram Building. Mies’s minimalist style proved very popular; his famous aphorism ‘less is more’ is still widely used, even by those who are unaware of its origins. All of this makes him one of the most influential architects of the modernist movement and the 20th century.

Mies is one of my favorite architects!

To learn more about Mies go here

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee! This series by Jerry Seinfeld…..

is absolutely hilarious and well worth checking out if you have not already. The latest one with Howard Stern posted last month ( in a GTO ) is strangely revealing about Howard and Jerry!

Season Three includes George Costanza ( in a PACER! ) , Tina Fey ( in a Volvo P 1800 S ) and Jay Leno ( in a very early 1949 Porsche 356 ) and is just so entertaining because of the cars but also Jerry’s interviews with his guests, who are all his friends so you feel like you are with them in some private hang out with two pals, the adventures they get into in the cars and out in the world and then of course the cars….sigh….

So for fans of cars or Seinfeld or Jerry or just to have a great laugh check it out here


Sam Jones for BEATS MUSIC!

Sam has done a couple of projects with Jimmy Iovine in the past and was very happy to asked by he and Dr. Dre to come in an photograph the BEATS MUSIC team.

BEATS MUSIC was launched in 2014 through a unique collaboration between legendary producer, Jimmy Iovine and legendary artist Dr. Dre, and is the latest and best in music streaming.

The team includes President Luke Wood, led by CEO Ian Rogers and CCO, and award-winning musician Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

Also take a look at this very cool animation piece on BEATS site that talks about what they do here


Frank Ockenfels 3 – Sundays are for THE WALKING DEAD

The Walking Dead Season 4 has broken viewership ratings left and right since debuting in October 2014, even clobbering the Sochi Winter Olympics three weeks in a row, and if the series continues on its impressive upward trajectory into next Sunday’s Season 4 finale, more records could be broken within the next week.

The March 23 episode of The Walking Dead — Season 4, Episode 15: “Us” — was watched by some 13.5 million total viewers, a substantial increase over Episode 14’s 12.9 million viewers, which was in itself a jump over the prior week’s (March 9) total viewership. Zap2it reports that last night’s installment was watched by some 8.5 million viewers in the all-important 18-49 demo, which translates to a 6.7 rating, up from last week’s 6.4.

Love these simple and strong character portraits that Frank did as part of the gallery for the show.