A Mid Week Mix!

Here at Eye Forward we love all our artists and we often add these ” collages ” of images on our emails to clients.

Laura does them and she does a great job – so thought I would share one with you today!

Can you guess who shot what?

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Sam Jones – Off Camera # 15 – Sarah Silverman now ready for your viewing pleasure!!!

As a third grader, Sarah Silverman had already narrowed her future career to three options: Comedian, actress or masseuse. She landed pretty quickly on comedian and never looked back, dropping out of college with the support of a father who financed her NYC apartment and three-year curriculum of comedy club work.

Success came rapidly and almost unbelievably when she was hired as a Saturday Night Live writer at just 22 – sans audition. She was fired almost as rapidly, without any of her work ever appearing on the show. Former SNL writer Bob Odenkirk said, “I could see how it wouldn’t work… because she’s got her own voice, she’s very much Sarah Silverman all the time. She can play a character but she doesn’t disappear into the character – she makes the character her.” Despite some noted guest TV and film appearances, Silverman never looked at standup as a stepping-stone to an acting career. She is a stand up comedian “the way some people are gay”.

Compulsively revealing the painful (she dealt with depression and bed wetting into her teens) and the uncomfortable, the more she becomes herself, the funnier (if more shocking) we find her, whether we admit it or not. Her combination of honesty and true comedic skill results not in a series of jokes, but a series of insights that connect – all the more stealthily for being cloaked in humor.

Sarah Silverman talks to Off Camera about her breakout special Jesus is Magic, the decision to film the more recent We Are Miracles in front of a vast audience of 39, and living the low-overhead dream.

– from the Off Camera interview



Last Thursday through this past Sunday thousands of photography lovers visited Paramount Pictures to attend the second Paris Photo in Los Angeles. The preview and opening night Thursday were well attended but the crowds grew in numbers over Friday with Saturday and Sunday being mobbed with visitors, seemingly an increase in attendees from last year.

In particular lines to see one of the most popular exhibits, LAPD Photo Archives UNEDITED stretched around the building at times Saturday and Sunday. This show had a selection of rarely seen forensic shots taken between 1925 and the mid 1960’s including images of the Black Dahlia case and the murderous Manson clan. It was a highlight of the fair.

That being said many of the galleries had great bodies of work on display. Some of our favorites were the Eggleston images at Rose Gallery, the Fred Herzog images at Equinox Gallery, James Danziger’s strong selections and the always beautifully designed Hamilton’s space that along with incredible photography on the walls makes you want to move right in with the lighting and decor!

There was great recent work by Stephen Shore at 303 Gallery and a strong show by Christopher Anderson at the French gallery Robert Morat. There were many inspiring gems and finds all over the show. It was just so fun to turn every corner to more good photography and more old and new friends!

It is also encouraging to see the huge growth that photography has made in the art market. From what we understand the cost for dealers to do these shows is very high so we hope that they all had success and were able to cover their costs and or felt it was valuable and will return next year. I better start buying lottery tickets now so I can buy beyond the few books I got bought and got signed this year. The prices just keep going up and up.

Sound and Vision featured screenings as well as The Conversations. I saw the one with Taryn Simon and Stephen Shore which was interesting once it got past a very long drawn out introduction which is best not written about. Wonderful book signings and sightings were all over all weekend and with the sun shining and the back streets of NYC and the Stages of Paramount as a location it really could not have been a better event. We hear they are moving it to May and moving it downtown next year to the Convention Center to be held in conjunction with FIAC ( the big art fair from Paris ) but we hope that perhaps FIAC will be downtown and that Paris Photo will stay at Paramount? Please!!!

Till next year…..

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With thanks to Noemi and Laura for additional photos!


Frank Flashback Friday // Guest Blogger Alert

Yes, we are throwing it back again today, but we couldn’t help it – who can resist Jennifer Lawrence!?

This is one of our favorite images of her – she looks so beautiful and the light looks pretty good too… Nice job Frank, we approve!

It’s been so great seeing her career take off and refreshing to see her be so completely modest and starstruck herself. Here is a good recap of her most starstruck moments and a very tamed indication of what I would be like if I ever got the pleasure of meeting HER!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


Perry Ogden one beautiful image from the archive……

After all it is Throwback Thursday, right?

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