Frank Ockenfels MAD MEN for your Emmy Consideration Campaign

We were surprised and happy to see Frank’s images used for this Emmy Consideration campaign created for AMC by The Martin Agency – aimed at ending the two year drought of Emmy’s for the show we think should get them all!

to read more about it see this article from AD WEEK here


Spencer Lowell in DWELL Magazine June issue

A story about a renovated and restored home in Crestwood Hills, in Brentwood, Los Angeles. From the story:

” Occupying some 800 acres above Sunset Blvd. in Brentwood, Crestwood Hills is indeed a rarity. The Mutual Housing Association which four musicians with a dream of cooperative living founded in 1946 – enlisted architects A. Quincey Jones and Whitney R. Smith to develop a novel yet affordable housing option for the middle class Angelenos. ”

I have been on a couple of architectural house tours up there and it is indeed a wonderfully preserved neighborhood. Unfortunately a lot of the original homes were lost in the 1961 Bel Air fire and it is a funny antidote that the Association originally hired John Lautner to design the plans for the community and the houses but were not happy with his idea and so moved on to Jones and Smith!

Read the whole story here


Perry Ogden – Game of Thrones for The Hollywood Reporter

Perry traveled north to Belfast to photograph Michele Clapton and Michele Carragher two if the costumers on one of our favorite shoes Game of Thrones. If you love the show read the article as it talks about the secret messages in the hand done embroidery as well as the care that goes into the amazing costumes – there are no duplicates made!

See the article here


Last Week’s Meeting with Standard Time LA // Guest Blogger Alert!

We are back from a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!

Last week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the ladies of Standard Time LA, and advertising agency just around the corner from us, we are practically neighbors!

We were so interested in hearing all about what this young agency has been up to, from national advertising campaigns to marketing for local Los Angeles non-profits – all so exciting! When looking up the agency, we came across this on their website and came to find that the agency really lived up to this description and we are LOVING IT…

“There’s no set road map for creative work. What we do know is a great idea can come from anywhere or anyone. It doesn’t take a corporate ladder, office beer taps, or big egos to inspire a company. It comes from a place where every idea could be right until it’s proven wrong.”

Thank you ladies!


Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!

Thanks Christopher for the perfect image!