A Visit to PITCH a GREAT agency in Culver City

Thanks so much to Laura Keseric for inviting Laura and I to come visit. What a dynamic and highly creative agency. They were recently included in Ad Age’s Agencies to Watch list!

We were so impressed with everyone that came and looked at the work of our artists and photographers and the time and interest that they took to do it.

We loved the architecture of the office too but we really loved all the dogs that showed up to welcome us. Everyone at PITCH seems to have a dog and it made the visit super fun.

Thanks again Laura for arranging this and next time we will bring some Milk Bone biscuits as well as the Babycakes treats for our furry friends!


Frank Ockenfels 3 ONCE A Musical – One more time in Los Angeles

It has been nice to see the advertising that Frank did originally for the Broadway production ( and he shot the London cast for the advertising there too ) up all over Los Angeles for ONCE a Musical at The Pantages Theater playing now and until August 10th.

Often when you see something like a film ONCE ( released in 2006 ) and love it when it then gets changed into a play or a musical, much like when a beloved book is made into a film you are disappointed. Not with this one. I saw it in NY and then recently saw it here and it really is such an engaging musical and such an interesting staging no wonder it won the TONY for best musical in 2012.

It has now been staged in six countries and is on tour with the LA cast here in the States and more information on tickets here in LA or elsewhere can be found on the website here

And for fun check out this video of Frank shooting the original NY cast that captures the spirit of the play and the music here


Has it really been 30 Years since PURPLE RAIN?

NPR had a piece last Friday about this past weekend being 30 years since Purple Rain the movie was released. WOW!

Listen to Eric Deggan’s piece ‘ Purple Rain’ Taught Me How To Be In A Band here

The album was released on June 25th 1984 and the film was released July 27th 1984.

Still one of the great albums of all time by one of the greatest performers of our time. Some hated the movie some loved it like me – I remember seeing it in a huge theater in Toronto at a matinee with my dear friend Robert Flack – we loved our Prince! From Dirty Minds to Purple Rain and forever!

The NY Post did a piece – ten things you did not know about Purple Rain here


Patrik Giardino on Vacation in Sweden

It is always a good thing when one of your photographers loves to take pictures when they are away on vacation. These images were taken in the South of Sweden in and around Skanor and Patrik’s family lives in this general area called Malmo.

Patrik is Swedish and Italian – in case you were wondering with an Italian last name like Giardino. He grew up in both places so he has a connection to both of these special and beautiful countries.

If you can believe it in the summer as it so far North there is only three hours of darkness a night. Just like in Alaska and Northern Canada.

Some day I will make it to Sweden – I am so looking forward to the beauty and nature of course and seeing Stockholm too – one of the most important design capitals of the world.

In Sweden, design is highly regarded as a practice, an industry, and even a way of life. It is an important part of Swedish culture and as a result the country, especially its cities, has a lot to offer in the way of design. Proud of their heritage of good design, Sweden’s capital Stockholm, not surprisingly, boasts of excellent design museums that all have rich collections showing off Sweden’s design heyday during the 20th century. This quote from The Culture Trip – read more here


GUEST BLOGGER ALERT // Eye Forward’s Newest Addition!

Happy Friday, Laura here!

We have some very exciting news here at Eye Forward this week, and we thought to share with you first…

Eye Forward has just taken on a new photographer Aaron Smith who I will be representing under the already outstanding Eye Forward umbrella – we are so thrilled to have him on board!

Aaron’s work is bright, youthful and dynamic and he is truly a pleasure to be around. Aaron’s career was kickstarted by his position as the staff photographer for the late Skateboard magazine, and has grown steadily from there.

Here’s a little peak into Aaron’s creative process, through Etnies – take a look….

Welcome to the Eye Forward family Aaron, here’s to the start of a fantastic collaboration!