Happy Friday with Dewey Nicks……wish we were on the beach….

wait a minute – I will be next week!!



Frank Ockenfels 3 – First cover for BILLBOARD with Jared Leto!

And the cover and inside has Frank’s type treatment too!

Jared Leto has been cast as the Joker in the all-star comic-book supervillain movie Suicide Squad, which starts filming in April for a 2016 release.

To read about his preparation for the role and what else he has been up to since he won his Oscar for his brilliant role in Dallas Buyers Club you can read the whole article here


Perry Ogden – latest beautiful story from D Magazine – The Dreamers…..

Editor Annie Lerner – shot in London and just published!

To see more of Perry’s recent work – see his website and blog here


Dewey Nicks – Santa Barbara Magazine with Kevin Costner and his family

It is fun when you get to photograph your neighbor for the cover of a magazine and the shoot is in your own neighborhood, right?

Love these pictures and stay tuned for more images from the second part of the day which I caught up with them for – which was magical and amazing!

There was not enough room for all the great images so the magazine only ran the boat part of the shoot so more for us to enjoy soon!

To see more of Dewey’s work check out his website here


Spencer Lowell – INC. Magazine – Kyle Vogt, the man behind Cruise Automation

Such an interesting story – Cruise Automation will become the first company to sell technology that enables cars to drive themselves early this year.

That this technology is here in our midst – in a world where so many people are such horrible drivers that this technology might actually help them to be better drivers is amazing!

Perhaps anything is an improvement for some people?

Read the article which says that Kyle is not the most attentive driver himself and drives an Audi S 4 ( FYI we love Audi here at Eye Forward – Spencer, Laura and I are all Audi drivers ) ) here