Aaron Smith for ABC123Me

ABC123Me is a fabulous European brand that makes gorgeous clothes for boys and they have been great supporters and collaborators for Aaron, even before he joined our roster. We are thrilled to be working with their wonderful team and see such stunning work come out of each shoot they work on together.

Here are some sneakpeaks of our favorites from their most recent shoot for this year’s lookbook…We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

To see last year’s lookbook and to browse the ABC123Me site, click here.


Tonight in NYC a very special SPD Event!!!

Check this out – a great line up if you are in NYC. I wish I was in town for it! A state if the union seminar about our industry. Should be interesting!

SPD, the Society of Publication Designers, is a great organization – check out their site herea


RIP Mary Ellen Mark

We are all saddened by the passing of the incredible photographer Mary Ellen Mark. She was a remarkable person and photographer, a dynamic and amazing life force as well as a fantastic teacher, animal lover and friend. I had the honor of being her agent for ten years and I admired her strength and will as well as her work ethic and determination.

I was very fortunate to have spent a lot of time with her and her husband, the filmaker Martin Bell and I will always consider this a highlight of my career.

It is very sad and hard to believe I will never see her again.

Please read the NY Times Obituary here

And on the TIME magazine site tributes from friends ( as well as a wonderful slide show of her work ) and peers here


Congratulations to Spencer Lowell for TWO WINS in the PDN Photo Annual 2015 – The Best Images Of The Year!

Spencer won in the Magazine Editorial category for his story in TIME as seen above and in the Self Promotion category for his promotion a multi image printed piece – Power Hungry – mailed out directly to a targeted client list.

Check out the link to all the winners here


Sam Jones Off Camera – Two new episodes with Ethan Hawke and Jon Hamm

Two great actors and men and two great interviews – check them out on the Off Camera site here

Maybe a good way to enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend? Enjoy!

On Jon – Struggling for years before officially “making it” on Mad Men and subsequently spending each hiatus wondering if the show would be coming back for another season, he’s developed a Draper-worthy sangfroid take on that question. Over the course of his career, he’s seen a lot, learned even more, and has a passionate but clear-eyed grip on the industry to show for it. This is a man who understands the value of his own hard work, and the importance surrounding himself with people as smart and curious as himself. We think he’ll be just fine.

On Ethan – I loved talking with Ethan Hawke, no stranger to creative challenges. As you will learn from our conversation, Ethan is someone who’s tested himself on the highest level in multiple artistic pursuits. He’s taken on Shakespeare, film directing, novel writing, and perhaps his toughest foil – the critics who seem to want to break his spirit by calling him pretentious and over-reaching. Through it all he has maintained a boyish enthusiasm and found the courage to pursue his creative muses. He recently added documentarian to his list of job titles, making a beautiful meditation on creativity with Seymour, An Introduction, about an 87-year-old pianist who may have found the secret to happiness. As for Hawke’s secret, he believes that hard work leads to the greatest personal satisfaction. He says that awards and accolades will fade, but the times when he was seriously tested are the times that remain the most beloved in his memory. The afterglow. That feeling of coming out the other side, ready for whatever life throws at you next. That brief moment when you can bask in the pure and simple pleasure of a job well done.