Dewey Nicks – Lily Sarah Grace

Dewey spent a day recently donating his time to photograph kids and family at the third annual Lily Sarah Grace art fair here in LA.

This charity was started by Matthew Badger in honor of his three daughters, Lily, Sarah and Grace whose lives were tragically lost in a fire in 2011.

This is that they do:

Lily Sarah Grace challenges and empowers teachers in underfunded public elementary schools to deliver best-practice instruction via Arts-Infused Inquiry-Based Learning (AIIBL). LSG awards grants to teachers to implement AIIBL projects in their classrooms.

LSG seeks to transform our public elementary schools into child-centered learning environments that meet the needs of all learners while preparing creative 21st century global citizens.

LSG is also building teacher-to-teacher professional development. We recognize teaching for the art form it truly is. We acknowledge the mastery that teachers have already achieved while inspiring them to push their craft further.

Please read more about the charity here


## Hashtag Wisdom ## From our friends at Agency Access

We love them and we hate them but one can no longer ignore the value of the hashtag!

Check out this cool article on photographers, Instagram and ##### Read it here

And it was interesting to read the Wikepedia definition of # – read that here


Fear The Walking Dead for AMC by Frank Ockenfels – Teaser Ad is out now!

Premieres August 23rd! Don’t call it a sequel – it is a spin off and apparently is about the fall of Los Angeles and super intense!

Check out the Comic Con trailer here

And see more info from AMC here


Patrik Giardino in the August issue of Field & Stream Magazine

We love working for new clients and it is always nice to work again with a Photography Director from our past like the great John Toolan. Patrik and John traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to shoot this interesting story on archery!


We Are Upside Down This Week….with Aaron Smith!!

Happy Monday! Check out all Aaron’s new work on his website here

If you go on Recent – you will see he has been very busy! And we just celebrated our first year of working with Aaron and Laura and I are thrilled to say it has been a great year!

Thanks Aaron!