Happy New Years from Eye Forward!

“Old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.”
~2 Corinthians 5:17

May the New Year bring you Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Love and MUCH Creativity!

Thank you Spencer Lowell for this beautiful image.


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas all from your friends at Eye Forward!

We hope wherever you are you are with family, friends and or loved ones. Thanks for the perfect image Perry Ogden!


Spencer Lowell Cover of January February Popular Science – The Last Fighter Pilot


Spencer got to travel to Phoenix to shoot this story and as he said on Instagram he made his inner child’s dream come true. We will feature more of this story as the images are great in January!

Please read the story here


Sam Jones and Olivia Wilde for OFF CAMERA

Sam writes:

I’ve been so transfixed by the work that Olivia Wilde’s been doing recently. Watching her, I feel like I’m witnessing someone who’s not only hit a new creative stride, but someone who’s more certain than ever of where she wants to go as an artist — and that’s exciting to see. Though Meadowland and Drinking Buddies may seem to have little in common on the surface, both provided Wilde with opportunities to stretch as an actor, as well as inspiration to step into new areas of the business. Motherhood helped, too; having her son Otis made her realize she could stare down almost anything, including a blank page. She’s always taken acting seriously: She called a family press conference at nine to announce her intended profession, studied theater, and then instead of enrolling in drama school, took a job as an L.A. casting assistant to learn how the business really worked — brilliant, right?

In Off Camera #41, she talks about the most important lessons she learned from those experiences, what caused her to reassess the kinds of roles she wanted to play, and why expanding Hollywood’s age bracket would result in films we’d all find more interesting to watch. We also learn why an entirely-improv’d film became her touchstone for every scripted role thereafter. Those of you who’ve followed Off Camera for awhile may recall Wilde’s fiance Jason Sudeikis was our guest awhile back.


PatrikGiardino for Athletes Quarterly – Taijuan Walker!

Taijuan Emmanuel Walker (born August 13, 1992 = YOUNG ) is a professional baseball pitcher for the Major League Baseball team the Seattle Mariners.

I know some of you are dreaming of baseball 24/7 but it is a ways off still….April 3rd 2016 is rumored but in the meantime we can enjoy these great shots or a great pitcher!