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Dewey Nicks and Happy Memorial Day! Hope it is a fun and safe one for all!

This shot is from a recent shoot of Dewey’s – to see more of his great work please visit his website here



Dewey Nicks – Tommy Bahamas and ” lil Kev “

This is a crazy story of a viral phenomena – read about it here



Spencer Lowell | LACMA | Reigning Men Exhibit Designed by COMMUNE

and well worth visiting LACMA to see. The stunning installation as well as the excellent curation makes this show a must see. And it is up until August 21st. From Vivianne Westwood to Raf Simons to a perfect Zoot Suit to original Hawaiian shirts, this show is amazing!

Spencer was hired by COMMUNE to photograph the installation as seen here.

From the LACAM site: Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015 explores the history of men’s fashionable dress from the eighteenth century to the present and re-examines the all-too-frequent equation of “fashion” with “femininity.”

Learn more here


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I love Justin Trudeau – Featured in TIME Magazine’s 100 Top Leaders Issue…

And as a Canadian who remembers the first Trudeaumania I am a fan of Pierre’s son and I love that he has a solid friendship and regard for and with President Obama and this great piece by Lorne Michaels in the Top 100 Leaders makes me happy.

Read it here


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Sam Jones shoots Kyle Chandler for the cover of MEN’S JOURNAL!

Great cover and fun times on a boat just in time for the weekend!

Bloodline is still of course a big hit and Kyle was amazing in Todd Hayne’s Carol. A great actor!

Great actor read it here