Sam Jones Captures the ‘Man of the Year’

Every year, Glamour Magazine hosts the annual Women of the Year Awards, in which the most inspirational women from all different professional backgrounds are recognized and honored.

This year, U2 frontman, Bono, was recognized as the first ever “Man of the Year” at the Glamour awards for the decades of incredible philanthropic work he has accomplished.

Read all about the awards and Bono’s unique recognition here!


Spencer Lowell helps raise hunger awareness for Billboard’s Philanthropy Issue

Last month, Spencer photographed musician, Tom Morello, and co-director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance, Joann Lo, for the Philanthropy issue of Billboard magazine. The two talked about their determination to fight back against poverty and homelessness, as well as the ways in which music can help spark this sort of change in society.

The holiday season always reminds us to give back, which you can do by visiting where you can help provide people in need with nutritious and affordable food.

And find the full story in Billboard’s Nov. 5th issue or by clicking here!


Frank Ockenfels 3 Shoots Motion for Sense 8 on Netflix

Fans are gearing up for the second season of the highly anticipated Netflix drama, Sense 8, and it brings us back to this awesome video shot by Frank Ockenfels for the series.

The show features 8 characters who begin as complete strangers from different parts of the world, but who become ‘sensates’, or “human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked”.

SPOILER ALERT: New information about Season 2’s plot line and characters became available to the public over the weekend and you can read all about it here! Sources are also saying that we can expect a special holiday episode next month before the season premieres, so keep your eyes and ears open!


Dewey Nicks photographs these snazzy sweat suits for Fruit of the Loom!

…and shortly after, they sold out completely!!

For a closer look at these awesome and hilarious outfits, click here!

And keep your eyes out for the video to follow!


We could all use some laughs on this Monday…

Remember this HILARIOUS Mumford and Sons music video that the talented Sam Jones directed? Sam has been collaborating with the band for years and this is one of our favorites!

The band is also currently working on new and exciting projects, including their documentary, “We Wrote This Yesterday”. Keep up with the their latest work here!