Frank Ockenfels 3 Around Town

Frank Ockenfels 3 is taking over LA with these two shoots for new TV coming out this fall!

The first is the much anticipated American Horror Story: Cult on FX Networks, and the other is The Defenders on Netflix.

We love seeing our work out in the world and we can’t wait to watch the shows!

See more of Frank’s work here.


Vic Mensa by Frank Ockenfels III

Rapper Vic Mensa released his new record The Autobiography on July 28th, on which he shares his candid experiences with mental health issues.

Frank captured the stunning portrait above of Vic.

Check out Vic Mensa’s new record and see more of Frank’s work here.


Barack Obama by Frank Ockenfels

Happy birthday, Mister Obama!

We’re so thankful for all you’ve done for us and our country over the years and we miss you very very much!

Frank Ockenfels was lucky enough to catch President Barry cutting loose for Men’s Health, and we absolutely love the spirit that these photographs capture.



FX’s American Horror Story Season 7: Cult by Frank Ockenfels

How creepy is this photograph Frank shot for American Horror Story’s new season, Cult?

This is the first of many teaser images to come, so stay tuned to see more and mark your calendars for September 5th, this season’s premier date on FX.

More of Frank’s images can be found at his website.


Frank Ockenfels Shoots Singer Billy Raffoul

Canadian born crooner Billy Raffoul is having his best summer yet, and was lucky enough to share the stage with Kings of Leon in London this July.

Frank Ockenfels spent an afternoon shooting this moving and intimate video of Raffoul performing “Dark Four Door”.

Make sure to check out Billy’s new album on music streaming services, and see more of Frank’s work here.