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Christopher Wray-McCann – Conde Nast Traveler – The Life Exotic

Further collaborations with Wray-McCann and Waris – dispatch from Darjeeling!

Christopher Wray-McCann in India for Conde Nast Traveler

I have always wanted to travel to India and these images make that desire even stronger. We are loving the new look of Traveler with Pilar Guzman as Editor, Yolanda Edwards is the Creative Director and Jennifer Miller is the Visuals Director. What a team!

Speaking of travel the Traveler site is super great for researching trips – check it out here

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Christopher Wray-McCann deep in the Yucatan….

Wray-McCann / Maroon Five / Midnight Miles

In July 2006 MTV Books published this great book of Christopher Wray-McCann’s images from his years on the road with his friends Maroon Five.

Of course Maroon Five are the number one band in the country with their new album V hitting the charts debuting at number one.

Christopher knowing that there are so many die hard M5 fans decided to revisit the thousands of images from those days and create an Instagram account for them and the followers are growing. So fun to see these pictures now after all these years!

To follow this on Instagram go here

Buy the book here

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Laura here again! We are flashing back this Friday with Christopher Wray-McCann…

As summer begins to wind down, I find myself savoring light wines, favorite seasonal fruits and veggies, and most of all warm long nights. I know, I know – you are thinking, “But you live in LA, isn’t that what it’s like all the time?”.

And my answer is no!

There is a certain summer “feeling”, a different energy – you guys feel it right?! And of course the long nights, nights that look and feel like this image of Christopher’s… you can just smell the BBQ grilling something smokey!

Anyways, this sums up my ode to summer, I hope you all are soaking up the last few official weekends of this great season, wherever you are.

Happy Weekend!

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Flashback Friday and Summer Weekends with Christopher Wray-McCann

In celebration of a fun weekend ahead and hopefully a healthy and happy one – and because we also love biking here at Eye Forward – here is an image of Christopher’s from his archive shot for Popular Mechanics.

To see more of Christopher’s recent work go to his website and Tumblr and Instagram here

Go out and ride your weekend and make it fun!

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GUEST BLOGGER ALERT // Christopher Wray-McCann with CNT

It’s Laura taking over the blog today…

Summer is in full swing – post 4th of July, scorching temperatures, long weekends and we are LOVING IT!

Also this summer, Christopher Wray-McCann has newly collaborated with CondeNast Traveler’s Instagram! We are loving all the posts on the CNT Instagram, if you haven’t followed them already, you should definitely do so!

The images this summer have been vibrant and refreshing, you’ll feel like jumping right into summer. Maybe grab a bottle of rosé, or bite into a watermelon – at the very least, you’ll be wanting to book a little vacation…

Check out Christopher and guest editors from the magazine on the CondeNast Traveler Instagram by following @CNTraveler or check out their page here.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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Christopher Wray-McCann and our favorite radio station KCRW

KCRW recently asked Christopher to come in and photograph the deejays as part of the launching of their new website which is great and much more user friendly. Christopher has donated his time before to help out the station as he is a big supporter of the station and also like myself a fan of radio.

Here are his portraits of Jason Bentley, Bo Leibowitz and DJ Numark.

Check out the new site here

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GUEST BLOGGER ALERT // Portland Travels

Happy Monday Everyone, Laura here!

A few weeks ago, I went on my first EVER solo promotional trip to Portland, Oregon to meet with existing and prospective clients to show our FABULOUS artists’ work. Although showing their works is always a pleasure and so easy because the work practically speaks for itself, I was nervous before getting there – you know, flying solo for the first time!

But the meetings were fantastic, upbeat and a success overall. Not to mention the food and ambiance of Portland as a city itself was so spectacular, it was a great place to start.

I was told before going that I couldn’t go to Portland and not drop into Stumptown for coffee, which of course was in the quirky Ace Hotel I was staying in. A great experience all around, surpassed my expectations for sure.

A big shout out to everyone that took the time to meet with me and look through all the work, but the biggest shout out to Carol for having the faith in me to send me as representation for the artists and Eye Forward – this trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

It was such a great experience, I thought I’d share the highlights of my travels….

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