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#TBT with Dewey Nicks for GUESS

Frank Ockenfels 3 shoots Jessica Chastain for Molly’s Game

Parlez-vous Francais?

It’s okay if you can’t speak French. Frank shot this movie poster being used in France to promote the upcoming film Molly’s Game.

The movie chronicles the true story of Olympic skier turned poker genius, Molly Bloom, and comes out January 5th.

Stop by Frank’s website to see a lot more of his movie and entertainment work.


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Perry Ogden for OAMC

Perry spent some time in Connemara, Ireland recently shooting these breathtaking photos for OAMC.

The boys seen in the photos, Paddy and Liam, are subjects from past shoots of Perry’s. We’ve been lucky enough to see them grow up in front of Perry’s camera.

Check out OAMC’s instagram to see a beautiful selection of Perry’s photos and make sure to stop by Perry’s website as well.

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Gemma Ingalls Shoots Eugénie Frerichs for Apiece Apart

Not only are we obsessed with every item of clothing from Apiece Apart, but we also love these photos that Gemma shot for them of Eugénie.

Eugénie is a photographer as well as the photo director at Patagonia, and looks at ease in front of Gemma’s camera.

To see more beautiful photos by both Andy and Gemma Ingalls, make sure to check out their website.

And if you’re in the mood to do a little shopping, take a look at Apiece Apart.

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

We’d like to thank all our men and women for their service to this country, from the US Coast Guard to the Army to the Navy and more!

We’re celebrating this holiday with this beautiful portrait shot by Frank Ockenfels 3.

Thank you so much for keeping us safe.


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Spencer Lowell Shoots Intuitive Surgical Robots for Fortune Magazine

Automation isn’t just taking over customer service and manufacturing sectors, it’s invading our hospitals, too!

Spencer shot this fascinating story for Fortune Magazine, all about the new surgical robots hitting the market. Although you won’t be seeing these in your operating room anytime soon, these robots are getting smarter and more agile every day.

Would you let a robot perform surgery on you?

Read the entire story on Fortune’s website.

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Perry Ogden Shoots Cecilia Chancellor for D’La Repubblica

This Thursday in Toronto

If you find yourself in Toronto this Thursday, make sure to check out this event put on by the Pallas Lab.

The event is kicked off Thursday, November 9th, with a lecture given by our very own Frank Ockenfels 3 on Nov 11th, which starts at 7pm.

Make sure to come by and check it out, and stay for the silent auction that happens the next day, where Frank’s beautiful David Bowie print will be auctioned off, as well as many other incredible images.

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The Magnum Square Prints Sale is Back!

In celebration of Magnum’s 70th anniversary and The Aperture Foundation’s 65th anniversary, the square print sale is back again!

The theme of this sale is “Great Journey”, and includes prints by Dennis Stock, Joel Meyerowitz, and Steve McCurry, just to name a few!

The sale ends tomorrow at 6pm EST so act fast to get your signed square print, at the very special price of $100.

Visit Magnum’s shop website to get yours now.

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Frank Ockenfels 3 Featured in SVA’s Fall 2017 Journal

The artist’s journal is often a treasure trove of insight into how a creative mind works.

Frank Ockenfels 3, an SVA alum, shares a few pages out of one of his journals with the school’s fall publication.

To read the full article and glimpse more pages of Frank’s journal, as well as a few more artists, click here.

Frank also has an instagram dedicated entirely to his journal, which can be found @fwo3journals.

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