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Sam Jones on A Photo Editor – The Daily Edit today – Bradley Cooper and an elephant for Vanity Fair….


This just came out on our favorite blog A PHOTO EDITOR on their regular feature, THE DAILY EDIT. Spencer was interviewed by Heidi Volpe about the amazing story behind his two assignments from TIME on the Ebola crisis including the cover.

It is a pretty incredible timeline on the cover shoot so read the whole story here

My little add on is that I was on the way to a Sam Smith concert at the Greek Theater that night and was talking to Spencer before the show and during dinner to help him with ideas on where to source the gear. Spencer really went abouve and beyond on this one!

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Good insight from Antonin Kratochvil….

Courtesy of my favorite go to industry source – A Photo Editor!

A great interview from Canon and the VII Agency – watch it here

You should never use camera to make your pictures.
You use yourself, your experience, to make the pictures with the camera.
Not the other way around.

– Antonin Kratochvil ( Image by Antonin Kratochvil / VII Agency )

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FROM: A Photo Editor: Liz Miller-Gershfeld, VP, Sr. Art Producer at Energy BBDO talks about the “new normal” at an agency meeting:

At the table were creatives and account people from the agency side and a team from the digital end of things. On the phone were teams from the promotional agency, the PR agency and international marketing counterparts. There were a few more voices on the phone. I’m still not clear who they were, perhaps a wrong number, probably not… Today clients have multi-channel marketing plans and multiple agencies to accomplish them…and we all have to play nicely.

I need a photographer who has deep human resources…
I need a photographer who can ask good questions…
I need a photographer who can simplify complexity …
I need a photographer whose producer can, at any given time quantify (in terms of time and money) what the inevitable changes and additions mean…
A photographer who is always thinking of the most efficient way to solve any problem and is able to articulate it from that perspective…

But perhaps most importantly, I need a photographer who can hold the idea that we brought to them – the one the creatives have spent the last few months and weekends developing, presenting, refining, presenting, selling, testing, presenting, resuscitating, presenting, refining and reselling… A photographer who can hold it like a torch, amidst all the chaos and needs, in their unique style; the reason we came to them.

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I Love A Photo Editor…..

The other day they send this brilliant quote out by Martin Parr:

Too much photography

Now it is almost impossible for me to shoot a photo where someone is NOT taking a picture or posing for one. So I am under the impression that no-one is really paying attention to the splendours and beauties of the site, as the urge to photograph is so overwhelming. The photographic record of the visit has almost destroyed the very notion of actually looking.

Martin Parr.

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Sam Jones – New Website – Interview from A Photo Editor Blog

A Photo Editor is one of my favorite blogs. I so love what Rob Haggart and Heidi Volpe do and I always talk about the blog when I teach and I recommend that everyone in our industry subscribe to their daily updates. The information they provide is invaluable and insightful. Heidi recently did an interview with Sam about his new website and here is a link to the piece. Thanks Heidi and Rob!


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