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Patrik Giardino NIKE SWIM photographed in Mexico City

Patrik Giardino ESPN – The Oakland A’s

Patrik Giardino Men’s Health UK – Jason Momoa video!

Jason Momoa from patrik giardino on Vimeo.

In case you did not get enough of Jason on our post of the images from this latest shoot – here is the video! As is the case with a lot of magazines now our photographers are also creating motion pieces for website and promotional purposes as well as behind the scenes videos. It is kind of fun to being the images to life and in this case it proves Jason is the real deal!

To see more of Patrik’s great work go to here

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Patrik Giardino for Men’s Health UK with Jason Momoa

Since leaving Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa has been busy proving that he can do more than grunt and kill, by acting, directing (both a feature and a commercial for the clothing brand Carhartt) and producing.

In June, it was announced that Momoa would play Aquaman in DC’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice which is being filmed right now.

Jason is on the cover of October’s Men’s Health UK ( second time for he and Patrik as a team ) with a different look as seen above and Patrik had the cover in September also so that is two in a row! Way to go Patrik!

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Patrik Giardino The Tampa Bay Buccaneers – if you can believe it football season has started!

Patrik Giardino works with Mario Lopez for his book cover – Just Between Us….

Patrik Giardino – Dale Takes The Lead!

Patrik Giardino on Vacation in Sweden

It is always a good thing when one of your photographers loves to take pictures when they are away on vacation. These images were taken in the South of Sweden in and around Skanor and Patrik’s family lives in this general area called Malmo.

Patrik is Swedish and Italian – in case you were wondering with an Italian last name like Giardino. He grew up in both places so he has a connection to both of these special and beautiful countries.

If you can believe it in the summer as it so far North there is only three hours of darkness a night. Just like in Alaska and Northern Canada.

Some day I will make it to Sweden – I am so looking forward to the beauty and nature of course and seeing Stockholm too – one of the most important design capitals of the world.

In Sweden, design is highly regarded as a practice, an industry, and even a way of life. It is an important part of Swedish culture and as a result the country, especially its cities, has a lot to offer in the way of design. Proud of their heritage of good design, Sweden’s capital Stockholm, not surprisingly, boasts of excellent design museums that all have rich collections showing off Sweden’s design heyday during the 20th century. This quote from The Culture Trip – read more here

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Patrik Giardino – Hugh Jackman dreamy in B&W!

He sure does not look like this now!!! Hugh shaved his head after the Tony awards in NYC on Sunday night so he only has a big beard – in preparation for his roll in PAN – Joe Wright’s new film just starting production in London.

Based on J. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan, one of my favorites as a child, Hugh revealed his new look on his Instagram account – check it out here

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