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Sam Jones: Off Camera with Colin Hanks

Sam Jones OFF CAMERA 100 Episodes and counting!!!

Last night at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills we celebrated the 100th episode of Sam Jones’ OFF CAMERA!

Hard to believe that OFF CAMERA have produced and shot 100 episodes and Congratulations to Sam and his team for all the hard work creating this unique project.

And thanks to Direct TV/Audience Network for being a great host for the party and for being the home of this dynamic show.

To learn more about the network and their programming take a look here

And if you are new to OFF CAMERA take a look at the website to learn how you can watch, listen and read this great content here

Some of the many quests have included Courtney Cox, Thandie Newton and Hank Azaria to only name 3 of 100!

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Happy Monday GO – BTS with Sam Jones and OFF CAMERA!

Hank Azaria | Off Camera with Sam Jones

Sam Jones shoots Oscar Nominees…

Final ballots for the Academy Awards were due yesterday and the votes are in!

The nominees from this year are all hugely talented, some of the best having been in Sam’s studio for Off Camera with Sam Jones, sharing with him the unique paths that led them to such a surreal accomplishment.

Sam most recently shot Kenneth Lonergan, who is nominated for both Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for his film Manchester by the Sea, which is ALSO up for Best Picture. Jeff Bridges and Andrew Garfield join him as nominees, Bridges for Best Supporting Actor in Hell or High Water and Garfield for Best Actor in Hacksaw Ridge.

It’s going to be a good one, so time to start planning your viewing party for this Sunday, 2/26 @ 5:30 PM PST!

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Off Camera News // New Episodes Online and Season 2 on Netflix NOW!

If you love Off Camera with Sam Jones as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear that now you can watch Season 2, including interviews with Matt Damon, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, and more, on Netflix!

And if you’re all caught up with the beginning seasons, you can watch the latest episodes on DirecTV or online here OR listen to the latest podcasts FOR FREE! Interviews with Mackenzie Davis, Rob Lowe, and more are available to listen to now!

Stay tuned for more Off Camera news as we gear up for the new year and Sam takes suggestions for who will join him in the chair in 2017…

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Sam Jones shoots the director Todd Phillips for ROLLING STONE and interviews him for OFF CAMERA!

Sam Jones’ Off Camera is back with Season 6! If you are a Direct TV customer – tune in!

Sam Jones Photographs Aubrey Plaza for Off Camera

Sam Jones shots the advertising for Divorce on HBO!

Did you tune in Sunday night for the premiere of Divorce? We did and it is great – Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church star in the sotry of you guessed it – a divorce! this is SJ’s first television series since the much love Sex in The City.

The reviewes are great – see the NY Times here

Watch the trailer here!

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