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Spencer Lowell Shoots Carolyn Porco for WiredUK

Spencer Lowell recently shot this portrait of Carolyn Porco for this current issue of WiredUK.

Porco is the head scientist on the Cassini project, the spacecraft that has been circling Saturn for the past 13 years and gathering data on the giant planet.

Spencer actually projected the rings of Saturn on Carolyn’s face when shooting her portrait. How cool is that?

Read the entire article on WiredUK’s website.


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Spencer Lowell Visits APPLE Labs for Men’s Health

For this story, Men’s Health and Spencer Lowell step into Apple’s lab in Cupertino, CA and gets the inside scoop on what keeps the Apple Watch ticking.

Apple cleverly engineers their watch with your motivation in mind, and aside from telling the time and sending texts, it can be used to keep your health goals on track!

Check out Spencer’s website for more amazing content, and read the full story at Men’s Health.

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Spencer Lowell Shoots Body Dissolvers for Wired UK

Spencer Lowell for Wired UK

Feeling Starry Eyed with Spencer Lowell

We’ve got our eyes on the stars today with this gorgeous shot Spencer Lowell captured of the Milky Way.

Spencer shot this back in his college days, showing that he’s been science minded and super talented since day 1.

See how Spencer’s work has evolved by viewing his website.

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A PHOTO EDITOR talks with Spencer Lowell

Heidi Volpe at A Photo Editor chats with Spencer Lowell and discusses the in’s and out’s of his newest and most ambition photo story yet, Arks of the Apocalypse for New York Times Magazine.

A huge thanks to Amy Kellner and Kathy Ryan at New York Times Magazine for making this incredible story happen.

Read the entire fascinating interview here and check out more of Spencer’s phenomenal work here!

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Summer Fridays at The Standard Hollywood by Spencer Lowell

We’ve been waiting for it all week and it’s FINALLY here!


All we want to do is get off work and kick back by our favourite pool in LA at The Standard Hollywood.

Spencer Lowell was lucky enough to spend a day there shooting the pool deck, and we love these shots above.

See more of Spencer’s work here, find out more about The Standard here, and enjoy your summer Friday!


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