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More spreads from Perry Ogden’s story ARTE APPLICATA for D Magazine!

Perry Ogden’s new story for D Magazine ARTE APLICATA is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Perry Ogden | Napoli Under 20

Perry Ogden for D la Repubblica Magazine

Perry Ogden D Magazine has fun with some cute kids for Registro di Classe – Back to School! Enjoy and have a GREAT weekend!!!

Perry Ogden D Magazine – Back to School or Registro di Classe!!

Perry Ogden | D Magazine | Take It Easy – a new story shot in the streets of DTLA!

Perry Ogden – New Cover story in D Magazine with the filmmaker and artist Miranda July

This story came out last week in Milan for the shows and we think it is beautiful. Shot in Hollywood in December it was lovely to have Perry in LA working and we love the results!

Miranda July is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, author and artist. Her body of work includes film, fiction, monologue, digital media presentations, and live performance art. She wrote, directed and starred in the films Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) and The Future (2011).

Her website is here

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Perry Ogden – D Magazine – A beautiful new story for a Friday afternoon……

Perry Ogden – A New Men’s story just out in D Magazine!